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Lady Gaga, The Demise of S Bar & The Blonde Line.

29 Apr

I am a true advocate of the saying, “To each their own.” 

By this I mean I will just leave people alone to live their lives. I am not interested in trying to dissuade or persuade people to stop/start listening to certain music, or wearing certain clothes. The way I see it, I have to be this way, as I have always been a black sheep who likes the road less travelled by, and the only way I can demand respect from people is to give them their respect and space back.

But occasionally, I just have to stop and ask a friend what the hype is all about, regarding any number of things. Because I just don’t get it. And forgive me, I have to made a judgement, for my own sanity. Usually, friends like MatchGirl are there to tell me that I’m not insane.

LoveMeDeux: I just had to look up who Lady Gaga was. I am so glad I don’t get VH1 and MTV. I just realised how much time I save because I don’t have all this useless filler to take up space in my life.
MatchGirl: Ugh! She’s lame.
LoveMeDeux: I’m watching the vid for “Poker Face” and I don’ t understand what the feck she is saying.
MatchGirl: She’s better on mute.
LoveMeDeux: Haha!
MatchGirl: She is all over teh music news. And Twitter. Perez Hilton loves her. She’s Britneyish but Britney sings better. whatever.
LoveMeDeux: This is the kind of shit that they play at S Bar on a Saturday night when people are so drunk out of their minds that it sounds half-good on distortion.
MatchGirl: Yup.
LoveMeDeux: And i know you’re laughing at that. Fecking S BAR!
MatchGirl: Well, I know it’s true! Haha!
LoveMeDeux: S Bar!
MatchGirl: Bougie clubs suck for music. Ugh!
LoveMeDeux: i went there once. They let me in and I bypassed the blonde line. A friend was already inside with the bartender, so I used the name to get in.
MatchGirl: HAHAHAHAHHAAH the blonde line! OMFG! Dying laughing!
LoveMeDeux: Yeah, the BLONDE LINE. You know what I mean. Ha! oh shiz, here we go! 😀
MatchGirl: Blonde, fake tits.
LoveMeDeux: Btw, never go to S Bar. It is a tiny, 1-room apartment, packed with sleazy-looking people that plays the latest remix of the remix of the remix of that one song.

A few minutes later.

LoveMeDeux: Oh wow! S Bar is closed! Look!
Matchgirl: lmao HAHAHAHAHA!!


Thank You, Thank You! I’ll Be Here All Week!

17 Apr

Newsflash! Direct Correlation Found Between Me Getting Funnier–And How Much Math Is Hurting My Feelings!

But seriously. I’m pretty funny when I’m losing my mind over math. Seriously, I suck at math, and in order to get prepped for an MBA, you have to do math, apparently. Who the hell fecking knew. So today, I’m camped out at Starbucks working on the Harvard Business School online program on Quantitative Analysis.

As told through Twitter* this afternoon, whilst simultaneously keeping it within 140 characters or less.:

  • Sun is shining, the girls are wearing tank tops & flip flops, the weather is fine–& I’m indoors wearing the white Hoth puffy vest & doing *math*.
  • To The Guys In @Starbucks: SORRY! Not trying to distract/annoy, but seriously! This bra is uncomfortable & needs periodic adjusting. Sorry!
  • Dudes! Amazing! Someone thinks I’m “soooooooo” funny, not just funny. RT @PrincessLove888: #followfriday she is sooooooo funny!! @LoveMeDeux
  • @sgoodman1138 I am about to cry over this math, again. Like back in our GMAT study days. “Standard Deviation” is like a nasty insult to me.
  • Listening to Tchaikovsky makes me feel I should either a) be on a carousel or b) be waltzing with a prince in a humongous frilly dress.
  • @torie007 That was the intended effect. My sense of humor is best described as slightly nausea-inducing, overall v.dry, with notes of fruit.

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week. For the full effect, visit Twitter.com/LoveMeDeux.

This is the most shameless self-promoting blog post I have ever written. But shameless self-promotion often happens when you’re procrastinating like a motherfcuker. [Don’t let it happen to you! Only *you* can stop shameless self-promotion.]

[*BTW FYI, I’m only making this post for those of my friends who are not on Twitter. Please freaking get on Twitter. You know who you are!]

Poor, Poor MiseryBear.

31 Mar

MiseryBear is miserable.

But it’s truly, oh so funny, à la Happy Tree Friends. Here’s a stellar example about what can transpire when you add an inanimate object to the common workplace, some quick camera movements, and a general sensibility for humor. Can’t you just feel the dry Brit humor in it?

I laughed out loud when he bashes his head on the monitor. And when he gets pissed off at the envelope. I think I’ve seen it 5 times now.

You can follow MiseryBear at twitter.com/MiseryBear, and he has an extended cut here.

The Whitest Asian Girl You Know.

18 Mar

[Note: Elliott is “white”, whatever that means in today’s context. :-D]

LoveMeDeux: YES! “Mad Men” has been announced as No.123 on StuffWhitePeopleLike.com! I am so white for an Asian girl! W00t! http://tinyurl.com/bsxfaz
Elliott: i’m confused
LoveMeDeux: what? why?
Elliott: u really love this site dont you? and you’re not even white.
LoveMeDeux: yeah. i’m white in spirit.
LoveMeDeux: it’s so funny, it’s like a confirmation
Elliott: lol. i like the approach of asian girls
Elliott: “i get to capture the exotic image of being asian, but then act like the white girl men know and love”
LoveMeDeux: YES, that’s us, baby.
Elliott: lol
LoveMeDeux: and now, i’m letting you know, this exchange is going on my blog because it’s too funny!
Elliott: from where to where?
LoveMeDeux: oh just the part about the StuffWhitePeopleLike.com website.
Elliott: lol
LoveMeDeux: and you know i disguise you as Elliott.
Elliott: link me when its up 🙂
LoveMeDeux: will do.

Fun With Oliver Laric

14 Dec

This is totally random, overly simplistic, and I love it. I wonder how much time it took him to choose all of it?!

Another piece. I appreciate the Indian/techno fusion he chose to set this piece to.

All videos by Oliver Laric.

Ha, Victorian Times.

17 Nov

Married To The Sea


9 Oct

Okay, okay, so you have to allow me my BarackTheVote! moment today because I’ve been really well-behaved these past few days. Not very non-partisan, but still, well-behaved. Right? 😀 Right?!

Married To The Sea