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Put Your Lovin’ Hand Out Baby.

9 Apr

Due to the fact that I’m a Revision3 fangirl, tuning in multiple times a week to catch Scam School, DiggNation & The Digg Reel, and, it turns out, just about anything that @bigepaz has a hand in producing, I have had to watch this commercial about 5 times per week, as Adidas is a Revision3 sponsor. It is attached to every show that is mentioned above.

I’m not complaining.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

I actually love this commercial. [Call me brainwashed, and a “sell out to the brand”, but seriously, one of my favorite articles of clothing is my old Adidas zip-up track jacket that I bought years ago. If you know me, you’ve seen me in it.]

Truly, these marketing people know what they’re doing. It’s simple, really. Get a house, fill it with people, some even famous, and party down in a “chic in the hills”, college frat style.

But I’ll argue that the ingenuity comes not only in the slow-mo, so that we can enjoy every sumptuous graphic presented to us, but in the choice of “Beggin‘”, by none other than Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. It’s part throwback to a classier era of partying, or so we’d like to think, and part reference to Jersey Boys, which, if you’re an “in-the-know” kind of consumer, you’ll have already seen two Tony seasons ago.

Absolutely brilliant. I want an MBA so I can better contend with the brains behind this kind of beautiful, organized madness.

Full version of this commercial is available here.


The Week of the IRL

29 Mar

in – [in]
re⋅al – [ree-uhl, reel]
life – [lahyf]

What a week it has been. First I met Bishop Allen on Monday night, next all the online Social Media people that matter, on Friday night.

@RogueTess, @LoveMeDeux & @phatemokid

Finally, I meet RogueTess IRL! phatemokid was sporting his new ‘do.

I am not one for promoting liquor on this blog, but come on! This is a very special photo. Thank you to darthweef for letting me steal this photo. The rest of his photos are here.

On a perfect, warm Los Angeles night.

To say we had a great time is an understatement. How cute is bigepaz in her signature pose! The rest of my photos are here.

Monday Nights Are Ideal For Face-Melting Fun.

25 Mar

Ah, I went to the best show ever at The Troubadour, again…!

I love these PoorPeople-friendly, $12 School Night shows at the Troubadour that start late as hell, 10pm+. They’re made for me, the unemployed, laid-off girl who, if she were employed, would absolutely never be able to make these shows, what with my morning commute starting at 4:45am.

Bishop Allen were amazing…they sounded ridiculously face-melting and I re-lost my voice (after just barely nursing it to health, quashing the DeathCough from Hell) for screaming and singing so loud that night. The crowd was wild, and we all had a great time lingering around having drinks with bandmates and meeting nice folks. @BoxSpring facilitated the whole event and @scbound and I had a great time catching up with him IRL, as well as his friend George. Hanging out in the front bar, we also happened to meet Phantom Planet guitarist, Darren Robinson, who is on tour with Miniature Tigers. I confess! I did not even know who he was. He was funny, he tried to steal a water I bought my brother, and so I randomly started chatting with him like he was any other interesting person in the bar. I can never turn down a convo with someone who catches my attention like that.

Oops. Anyway, he was too gracious–after playing a set and driving nonstop to get to Los Angeles, only to pack up to get to San Francisco that night, I would go insane, not chat nicely with people in the bar. He gave me a Phantom Planet guitar pick he had on him. Sweet. When we all left the bar, the artists all went outside, piled their instruments and all their et cetera in huge vans with U-Hauls attached to them, and went off into the night to play a gig in San Francisco. Somehow, that realism is still not enough to wash away the giddiness that comes with a great night of music.

I still can’t believe it was on a Monday night. Sometimes, very rarely, it is a good thing, being unemployed.

More photos of our night here, including pictures taken with Bishop Allen themselves.: Bishop Allen at the Troubadour – 23 Mar 2009

That’s How It Goes.

19 Mar

Talking with MatchGirl, my new intertubes friend, about interesting exchanges with other citizens of the online world. She’s so witty, I had to share.. I love women who just speak what’s on their mind–like I try to do.

LoveMeDeux: omfg. dude…now we’re chatting on Gtalk. i love how the internet can be just as exciting if not more exciting than real life.
MatchGirl: yea, thats how it goes.
MatchGirl: twitter
MatchGirl: @replies
LoveMeDeux: yup
MatchGirl: Instant Message
LoveMeDeux: Direct Messages
LoveMeDeux: then, yup..
MatchGirl: emails
LoveMeDeux: HAHAHA
MatchGirl: PHONE
MatchGirl: then PLANE
MatchGirl: HAI
LoveMeDeux: LOL!
MatchGirl: webcam too
LoveMeDeux: HAHAAH
MatchGirl: hahahah 😀
LoveMeDeux: you are SOO FUNNY dude
LoveMeDeux: i’m posting this shit on my blog. you crack me up dude
MatchGirl: ive done my share 😛
LoveMeDeux: Haha
MatchGirl: thats how i met my man
MatchGirl: twitter
MatchGirl: and
MatchGirl: he fell in love with my videos B-)
LoveMeDeux: well sweetheart
LoVeMeDeux: your videos are VERY fall-in-loveable.
MatchGirl: awwwwww thank you 🙂

The Whitest Asian Girl You Know.

18 Mar

[Note: Elliott is “white”, whatever that means in today’s context. :-D]

LoveMeDeux: YES! “Mad Men” has been announced as No.123 on! I am so white for an Asian girl! W00t!
Elliott: i’m confused
LoveMeDeux: what? why?
Elliott: u really love this site dont you? and you’re not even white.
LoveMeDeux: yeah. i’m white in spirit.
LoveMeDeux: it’s so funny, it’s like a confirmation
Elliott: lol. i like the approach of asian girls
Elliott: “i get to capture the exotic image of being asian, but then act like the white girl men know and love”
LoveMeDeux: YES, that’s us, baby.
Elliott: lol
LoveMeDeux: and now, i’m letting you know, this exchange is going on my blog because it’s too funny!
Elliott: from where to where?
LoveMeDeux: oh just the part about the website.
Elliott: lol
LoveMeDeux: and you know i disguise you as Elliott.
Elliott: link me when its up 🙂
LoveMeDeux: will do.

Happy Inauguration Day To Us All!

20 Jan

See, I even put up the bunting.

Really, the only reason why I am not going all over-the-top excited & ballistic is because now, after we’ve done the initial work of electing him in, I’m sort of scared that he might crash & burn. I mean, yes, there will most certainly be times when he will fail and falter, but…as of the moment I see him as a sort of untarnished ethereal being…and now it’s like we’re opening him & his family up for tarnishing…


Fun With Oliver Laric

14 Dec

This is totally random, overly simplistic, and I love it. I wonder how much time it took him to choose all of it?!

Another piece. I appreciate the Indian/techno fusion he chose to set this piece to.

All videos by Oliver Laric.