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Happy Inauguration Day To Us All!

20 Jan

See, I even put up the bunting.

Really, the only reason why I am not going all over-the-top excited & ballistic is because now, after we’ve done the initial work of electing him in, I’m sort of scared that he might crash & burn. I mean, yes, there will most certainly be times when he will¬†fail and falter, but…as of the moment I see him as a sort of untarnished ethereal being…and now it’s like we’re opening him & his family up for tarnishing…



Dangerously, Bone-Chillingly Close.

8 Nov

I sort of promised myself that I wouldn’t do any more Palin-bashing on my blog.

But, let me just ask you…

Does anyone else just physically shudder at the thought that she didn’t know that Africa was a continent, not a big country, and, when told to buy three suits for the RNC,¬†used¬†low ranking staffers to buy some of the clothes on their credit cards? Oh, and there’s so much more!

Do we, as a nation, understand just how dangerously, bone-chillingly close we were to being saddled with a vapid, superficial divamonster as a VP?


I think I will still be having nightmares for a while.


6 Nov


I know that we voted him in based on his policies and plans, but nonetheless, we are the first country in history to embrace a biracial person into office–in a landslide victory, with voter turnout that has never been this overwhelmingly large since 1908!

As a mother of a biracial child, I am seriously besides myself. Typing this in a Starbucks surrounded by fellow Americans, a few days removed from Election Day, I am still so emotional about this that I can’t help but tear up! It is silly, but I am still not used to the idea of it…It hasn’t sunk in yet.

Even Inauguration Day will not suffice.

I will get it when I see him jetting off to important world summits, shaking hands with UN officials and meeting with Gordon Brown for a serious strategy meeting on Iraq. I will get it when I see him getting off of Air Force One to duck into the White House. I will get it when I see our First Baby Girls running around on the lawn for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

I will get it, and thank God. Because it was high time this this country, this melting pot, got there.

Me On The Beeb! (As In, The BBC!)

5 Nov

Yes the¬†BBC, the bastion of fair and balanced news that most “with-it” Americans have abandoned crazy, sensationalistic American news outlets–*ahem*Fox News*ahem*–for.

So my friend Clark is a writer at the BBC. Clark and I have always chatted back and forth about news events the world over, and has served as an outlet for letting my innate journalism major geek out to him. But recently, especially in these past few weeks as we got closer and closer to 04 November, I have been seriously opinionated and outspoken in all my RabidPoliticoSpeak to Clark, and found it rather refreshing to get a non-US perspective on the matters at hand.

Last night, as I was debating whether or not to get some sleep, as the final Prop 8 results hadn’t come back yet, Clark messaged me and asked me if I was willing to do a quick interview for BBC Radio.¬†

The first thing out of my mouth was,

“Oh sh!t, do I need to be read up on the issues? I just don’t…know if I am 100% read up!”

I felt nervous all of a sudden–should I have spent less time Palin bashing and more time cruising CNN and BBC? Ack!¬†I was assured by Clark that I need not be a “Ms. CNN” as Kai says. Here’s the interview, courtesy of Clark and¬†my IT Support.

BBC Radio Kent – “Breakfast”


I know¬†that I said “um” too many times. I think I even threw in a “like” there. So much for wanting desperately to be the pride of my j-school alma mater. I swear, it was midnight, and I’d gotten no sleep the night before, due to pre-election day excitement.

It was a total surprise that they already knew about the story about Mads’ dissapointment at Barack not being at our polling station. Nice to know that my 3-year-old is famous in the UK now, too!¬†I told Clark that I am so grateful that he clipped it up for me. Now I have the opportunity to play this at Mads’ wedding in 20 some odd years to embarrass her publicly! YES!

After the interview, I went to check on Mads, who was knocked out asleep. Poor child. She doesn’t know what’s coming to her!

Tantrums For Obama Biden 2008!

4 Nov

The family turned out to vote super early at 0630. But this apparently was not early enough, as there was already a long line preceding us at the polling place, a nearby elementary school. We waited about 20 minutes, and voted without issue.

On the way back to the car, however, my 3-year-old, who we’d woken up at the ungodly hour of 0600 to get going, asked,

“What about the Barack Obama?”
I said, “What about him?”
She said, “What about the Barack Obama? Where is he?”
I said, “No no, honey, we just vote¬†for him today. He’s probably in Chicago.”
“NOOOO!” she yelled.

She then proceeded to throw a tantrum, and wouldn’t get in the car. She¬†had thought for some reason, that Barack Obama was going to show up at our polling place. People all around us who were walking back to their cars couldn’t help but laugh at her frustration. One nice lady wearing a “Vote for Environment” shirt yelled over, “Too bad Barack didn’t show up!” Finally, Mads gets in the car, we drive to Starbucks for the free coffee that comes with voting, but she still cried most of the way home despite the fact that she got a chocolate milkbox.

So now,¬†Kai has named Mads her “Person of the Year”! She is also going to start a petition to get Barack to shake Mads’ hand. I think she’s somewhat serious! Ha!

Eventually she calmed down, had some breakfast, and went to school. Good God!

So now that I’ve gotten my free Starbucks for voting, I have nothing to do but monitor FiveThirtyEight.com obsessively for updates, and go get my free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream between 1700-2000.¬†

I am operating on four hours of sleep and am wide awake! I will crash after the returns are completely finalized. Until then, no rest for me, Tom, Stephen, Katie, Jon and the rest of America.

He Who Has Not Sinned Shall Cast The First Judgement.

4 Nov

If John McCain cheated on his first wife¬†multiple times with multiple people, then married “the other woman” who happened to be a heiress, how can he say that marriage is sacred?

And that it should be between man and wife only?

How can he even dare to open his mouth and let words fall on this topic? How?

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Chris Rock, on exactly why John McCain cannot be Commander-in-Chief.

She’s Lost Her Mind, Someone Call A Sanitarium.

3 Nov

What is this country coming to?

I know that not all McCain supporters are crazy, but what the hell is this lady thinking? I mean, at some point she had to have grandkids, nephews and nieces and daughters and sons of her own? How would she feel if someone did the same to her children, and only gave candy away to Obama supporters?

America, the home of the brave? Land of the free?