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How I Will Cope With the Death Of Print Media.

8 Apr

It’s very simple.

Real News: NPR & Twitter.

Fake News: The Colbert Report & The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

As a print journalism major, it is sad to see so many newspapers fold. I look to my former professors at the LA Times, and wonder how many of them will go? We heard in March of this year that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has gone 100% online, and with it, many jobs.

But it’s no wonder–the journalism market is seriously saturated, and with the younger generation, myself included, turning to outlets like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show for the fake take on real news, it is highly likely that news stories will get shorter and shorter, and served up increasingly in byte-sized bits.

The commuter lifestyle that life in big cities forces one into has also contributed to getting much news on the go. In reality, NPR News is my No. 1 outlet for news gathering.

Another surprising news source for me has been following @NPRPolitics, @NPRNews, @DiggNews, @NYTimes and other such news organizations on Twitter. They give the snippet up front, then if necessary, I will click on it to get the expanded story. If print organizations do not get on the Social Media bandwagon like so, they will be extinct sooner rather than later.


“Once”: Demands To Be Played More Than Just Once

26 Aug

Are you like me in that when you find a new musical artist that’s really taken your fancy, you can’t stop listening to them?

In a world crowded with Top 40 radio stations playing the most plastic fabrications they’ve irritatingly labelled as “music”, I have retreated to NPR, channeled through my local station of 89.3 KPCC. Over the years, colorful radio shows like This American Life with Ira Glass have helped me to quite successfully block out the latest horrific plastic pop, and indulge in hearing stories, a very favorite past time of mine. Simple, yet insightful episodes like “The Super” have kept me transfixed, letting the 405 traffic I am sitting in fade away around me.

But one can’t listen to public radio all the time. The human ear has a craving for musicality. How do I find new music, you ask? Most of the time I stumble across it randomly, have my super hip German friends send me some CDs, get dragged to a concert by my super hip cousin Amette, or even listen to the recommended music by the NPR program All Songs Considered. (I was introduced to The Detroit Cobras by this program. My favorite Detroit Cobras song: Silver & Gold.)

However, there is one group of artists that I have been seriously addicted to, and today, upon realising that I was playing the album on repeat for the fifth time, I knew I had get it out of my system partially by posting a blog entry dedicated to them. The music has an organic quality to it, evidenced by the fact that most of the film was shot by handheld cameras, some of the original musical performances even being captured as they were shooting, and dubbed over by their studio recordings afterwards. Here are Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the actors and musicians behind this year’s most incredibly charming indie film, Once, singing the Academy Award-winning original song, “Falling Slowly“.

I hope that you fall in love with the beautiful simplicity and the elegance of the arrangements of this original soundtrack. Other favorites of mine include “When Your Mind’s Made Up” and “Say It To Me Now“.