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28 Apr


A portmanteau of “Tweet” plus “retort”. Tweetort.

Usage: “He tweeted some pretty rude remarks to me, but you should have seen my Tweetort.”



Do Before I Die, No. 3 – Rio de Janeiro y Brasil

9 Jan

Like many Americans, ever since I was turned onto Antonio Carlos Jobim, Astrud & João Gilberto and their samba/bossa nova, I have found that no other place will satisfy the curiosity that stirs caused by all of those sultry songs with lyrics about faraway places that you can barely pronounce.

What more needs to be said? Even one day spent wandering the streets of Rio, walking the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, admiring Corcovado, would fulfill a lifelong dream.

Do Before I Die, No.2 – Live In Paris

7 Jan

I lived in Germany for several years in the best possible place–Heidelberg, mild winters, warm springs, right near Switzerland, France, Italy and just about anywhere else I wanted to visit as an American expat.

But Paris and just about anywhere in France is truly the final frontier. I want to be able to speak French like I learned to speak German–effortlessly, by almost total osmosis afforded in living overseas.

I don’t know how, but I have got to make this happen. I will do it!

I can die happily in my apartment in Le Marais. But not before.

Do Before I Die, No.1 – Cap D’Antibes & The French Riviera At Large

2 Jan

In conjunction with resolutions I think I’ll write down my own personal “Things To Do Before I’m Dead”, in no particular order of importance.

#1. Spend some time getting to know the French Riviera like F. Scott and Zelda knew it. I’m thinking that my life will not be complete without sunbathing at least once at Plage de La Garoupe, made famous by not only Fitzgerald, but other American expatriates like Gerald and Sara MurphyCole Porter and Ernest Hemingway.