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30 Sep

Fall in Millenium Park. C'est Bon.

I am back from Chicago. Emotionally drained from the horrible farewells I had to bid to both Nelle and Benjamin. I know this is lame-o, but I promise an update later.


Just Like Old Times

26 Sep

LoveMeDeux is on a mini-vacay to Chicago to see her best friends Nelle and Benjamin. Fun.

So far all we’ve done is eat Chicago deep-dish, take naps, watch premium cable tv, grab coffee, and sleep.

Just like old times in Germany–minus the cable tv and the Chicago deep-dish. 🙂

The Tiny Tape Recorder That Resides Inside My Head

24 Sep

Okay, so try not to laugh.

But here’s a real life PostSecret of mine.

When I was a young, just like any other little American girl, I was absolutely in love with the Disney Princesses. Most especially The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, and Sleeping Beauty. Out of all of these, I think Cinderella stuck with me as the most romantic, and even Walt Disney himself was said to have loved Cinderella the most out of all the Disney heroines.

Like it or not, I will admit it now–inside of me somewhere, there’s a tiny piece of me who still wants to be Cinderella. I ask all women my age, Isn’t there a tiny bit of you who likes the sight of frou-frou ballgowns and upswept hair? Doesn’t Dancing With The Stars appeal to you partly because of the costumes? Maybe a larger part than you’d like to admit? I will say that recently while passing through a Target on an quick errand, I slowed my cart ever so slightly in front of a decorative display of Disney Princesses children’s Halloween costumes to admire them before scooting on my way.

So here’s the second part of the secret.

When I experience a truly heartfelt something about a someone, I hear the following song begin to play in my head. I kid you not. It’s like there’s a tiny tape recorder that resides inside my head that lays dormant until someone manages to stir it awake and then I hear:

Perhaps I should just stop trying to date altogether, and just wait until I hear “So This Is Love” kick in. Not a bad idea, right?

Jeesh, No Love For LoveMeDeux!

24 Sep

Occasionally, instant messaging really fails to capture the nuance in a situation.

LoveMeDeux: I LOVE PostSecret. Did you ever think about sending in a postsecret?
KaiSkeeBeat: Not really, but I love it too.
LoveMeDeux: I’m about to post a PostSecret on my blog.
KaiSkeeBeat: What would’ve been your secret?
LoveMeDeux: (Meant as an aside) Did i ever tell you! I love your friendship! We need to hang out in real life, but living in OC vs SFV is like living in New York and Los Angeles.
KaiSkeeBeat: That’s your postcard? Lame!
LoveMeDeux: No, dork! Ha ha ha!
KaiSkeeBeat: Oh. Ha ha!

23 Sep

My future husband will say…

“You wait here and close your eyes for a few more. I’m going to get us some Americanos. Oh, and a chocolate croissant?”

Of course, the truth of it is, if he’s my husband, and I were dearly in love, I’d be the one off getting the Americanos.

But one can hope.

Scan It, Lose It. C’est Bon!

23 Sep

I am one of the most disorganized folks you’ll ever know. I lose things all the time, left and right.

Of course, being disorganized just won’t do in this insane world where being in possession of one scrap of paper is the difference between being slapped with a $1400 fine–or not.

So to combat this, I scan everything in as soon as I get it, only long term things like traffic tickets and court paperwork and medical billing that I thing is wrong, or erroneous bills that I need to contest.

It can be tedious with the old-fashioned flatbed that I have…anyone want to buy me one of these doo-hickeys? They’re only $3000…

But seriously, the scanning thing just saved my butt while I was on a complicated conversation with the DMV. I pulled up all the stuff I needed on electrons! Who needs paper? It’s the thing of the past.

Hmm…I may need to invest in that $3000 scanner… I’m going to start a “Buy LoveMeDeux a DigiScanner!” Fund.

Married to Married to the Sea

21 Sep

 Married To The Sea

Married To The Sea