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A Faux-ku For The Rainiest Day In Recent Memory.

5 Feb
An Aric-facilitated, heartbreak-inspired, Gtalk-manufactured Faux-ku for your reading pleasure.
I actually cried
When I was on the phone with him
I’ve met on Tuesday, It’s Thursday, It’s raining
And I can’t stand to not talk to him
But I can’t stand to talk to him
So it’s over.
It’s all over.


Somewhat later, Aric says the following, which I have deemed Quote of the Day:


“This is all a bit too soap opera for me. I would have ignored him and his beautiful jaw line today.”

Faux-ku (A Fake Haiku)

9 Sep

Haikus are 5-7-5, on three separate lines, I know.

But this one just flows so well I couldn’t bear to whittle it down. Or maybe this is my attempt at a The Red Wheelbarrow?  I think William Carlos Williams is turning in his grave.

i’m sorry
but sometimes the annoyingness
bleeds through the internet
and comes out the monitor
on the other end

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week.