Thank You, Thank You! I’ll Be Here All Week!

17 Apr

Newsflash! Direct Correlation Found Between Me Getting Funnier–And How Much Math Is Hurting My Feelings!

But seriously. I’m pretty funny when I’m losing my mind over math. Seriously, I suck at math, and in order to get prepped for an MBA, you have to do math, apparently. Who the hell fecking knew. So today, I’m camped out at Starbucks working on the Harvard Business School online program on Quantitative Analysis.

As told through Twitter* this afternoon, whilst simultaneously keeping it within 140 characters or less.:

  • Sun is shining, the girls are wearing tank tops & flip flops, the weather is fine–& I’m indoors wearing the white Hoth puffy vest & doing *math*.
  • To The Guys In @Starbucks: SORRY! Not trying to distract/annoy, but seriously! This bra is uncomfortable & needs periodic adjusting. Sorry!
  • Dudes! Amazing! Someone thinks I’m “soooooooo” funny, not just funny. RT @PrincessLove888: #followfriday she is sooooooo funny!! @LoveMeDeux
  • @sgoodman1138 I am about to cry over this math, again. Like back in our GMAT study days. “Standard Deviation” is like a nasty insult to me.
  • Listening to Tchaikovsky makes me feel I should either a) be on a carousel or b) be waltzing with a prince in a humongous frilly dress.
  • @torie007 That was the intended effect. My sense of humor is best described as slightly nausea-inducing, overall v.dry, with notes of fruit.

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week. For the full effect, visit

This is the most shameless self-promoting blog post I have ever written. But shameless self-promotion often happens when you’re procrastinating like a motherfcuker. [Don’t let it happen to you! Only *you* can stop shameless self-promotion.]

[*BTW FYI, I’m only making this post for those of my friends who are not on Twitter. Please freaking get on Twitter. You know who you are!]


One Response to “Thank You, Thank You! I’ll Be Here All Week!”

  1. Efren 18 April 2009 at 5:38 pm #

    Perhaps and math wasn’t hurting you, but trying to bring the awesomeness out of you. That’s why your clothes began to feel uncomfortable and the awesomeness of math found your tear ducts a way to emanate from you.

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