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Arrestingly Addictive

16 Sep

Okay. So am I the only person left on this earth who is obsessing over Arrested Development as a rabid fan?

Since Arrested Development‘s reputation had always preceded itself as an excellent satire, expertly written and presented with a healthy dosage of random humor filling the gaps in between, I knew to expect good things. But only recently did I start watching them in a consecutive, orderly fashion.

And I have discovered, that, yet again, I am late on the bandwagon!

I was the last person on this planet to watch Remember The Titans, the last person on this planet to finish the last Harry Potter book. I am so slow! I don’t know what it is about me that leaves me reluctant to embrace whatever media comes along and get on the bandwagon while the getting’s good?

Anyway, I’ve quickly figured out that the irresistibility of Arrested Development lies in the fact that underneath all of the impossibility and unfeasibility of the Arrested Development universe, which of course includes a teenager successfully masquerading as a film producer, a blonde beauty staying married to a “NeverNude” (don’t ask), a patient and loving son sticking it out and keeping together his eternally derailing family members and a bad private detective with even worse disguises, what makes one fall in love with Arrested Development is the zaniness of the Bluth family–that somehow manages to function. They’ve truly captured the crazy hallmarks of family.

Actually, it reminds me of my own. And I promise you, it will somehow remind you of yours, too.

Oh right, and if course the irresistibility factor is helped along by the fact that Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth is the hottest piece of eye candy in recent memory. Ouch! His slightly droopy smile and utterly disappointed look he gives family members is absolutely charming.

Oh, and hang tight, new and late-blooming AD fans like myself. It’s not too late to get in on the freshness of this show–there’s a movie in the works!


Before I Die, I Want To…

25 Aug

Quick, tell me, before you even have a millisecond to dwell upon it–

What is it that you want to do before you die?

Learn guitar? Tell someone you love them? Travel the seven seas?

Here’s a fascinating look into the lives of ordinary people through a website showcasing a Polaroid project entitled, “Before I Die, I Want To…”. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Et moi?

Before I die, I want to own and live in a Park Slope brownstone with my husband, whoever he is, the children I will have, and my dogs. I will host Chrismukkah, summer lawn parties, and let it serve as L’Hôtel LoveMeDeux for old friends travelling from abroad. It will transcend the idea of just any old house and become the hub for a vast universe of friends, family and love.

Now I just need to find a spare $2 million to buy one. 🙂

Much thanks to my fellow Plurker FinnMcGuffin for sharing this site.