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Let’s Make It Official: There Needs To Be A Large Plaque Stating It.

24 Oct

I knew it! This place is called “Cupcake Park”! Even if it is just by us weirdos eating cupcake and washing it down with ice cold milk at like 11pm on a Tuesday night!

As my friend Sam says, “Every weeknight, it’s always the yuppies, students and partygoers eating cupcakes—right alongside the bums.”


What I would do for round-trip tix to NYC right this second. Ahh.


On The Music Warpath: Indie Soulfulness & Infectous Pop

28 Aug

My cousin Amette took me to the Troubadour on Monday night to see Bon Iver. This has sparked a musical fever for me–almost anything related to Amette ends up inspiring me in one way or another–and now I am on a warpath to find more music I want to fall in love with.

This following song, a Sarah Siskind cover of Lovin’s For Fools, makes me want to cry, for some inexplicable reason. There’s just a quality to it that makes me think that it’s sad. It makes me feel partially sad. I think I did start tearing up when I was standing there, transfixed by Bon Iver on stage. I suppose it’s slightly strange to want to hear something over and over again that makes you feel sad, but well, maybe it’s recognizing and capturing something along the lines of, if something/someone is not worth crying over, it wasn’t really meaningful to begin with.

[Now listen, I just went all over YouTube listening to many versions and hunting down the best version of this song, so you just, just must, click play. Okay, so the sound quality isn’t the best, slightly tinny, but it’s the clearest of all of them.]

And on the opposite side of the spectrum, there’s this wonderfully infectious pop confection from French singer-songwriter Sébastien Tellier, titled Divine. This song was the 2008 entry representing France at the Eurovision Song Contest, the annual song competition held by most members countries of the European Union.

When I hear this song, I feel like I should be bopping along to it as I walk along Bleecker, nibbling away at a Magnolia cupcake in my hand. I feel it is a bonafide cupcake-eating song. Hmm. Perhaps I am onto something here? Should start an iPod playlist entitled “Playlist To Be Utilized Whilst Eating Cupcakes”?

Divine was actually a source of great controversy in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest due to the fact that it was sung mostly in the English language, despite being the official French entry.

I say bollocks. Inspiration can come from a million different places, and if Tellier wants his English language song, I say he should have been let alone to have it. After all, his nationality and his intent is what is more important, is it not? In the end, Russia won, and it was their first Eurovision win. France has boasted five wins since the program’s inception in 1956, which is the second highest number of wins in Eurovision history, after Ireland’s seven, so it was high time Russia got a round.