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The Carbohydrate Chink In My Armor

1 Apr

So Kerotab gave up chocolate for Lent.

From what I understand, she did it in part to see if she had the willpower–and she did, and then some. Its been day after interminable day as we wend our way to Easter, I’d imagine, the day when her chocolate fast would be over, which as of this writing is still over a week away on April 12, and she is managing her every tinge of a craving.

Now this gave me pause.

I thought about it, and truly, the one thing I should have given up for Lent this year was carbohydrates. This household usually needs some form of baked bread or muffin, for a quick snack on the go, or sometimes something to tide you over while dinner’s being put together. Usually I’m baking at least every two days. During most of this Lent I was ill and not eating well anyway, but now that I am better, I want, I want, despite the fact that in trying to get back in the fitness groove. I guess it’s not too late to give up carbs for Lent.

So I decided tonight, instead of having a slice of this beautifully turned out Banana Walnut bread I baked tonight, I will instead take a photo and e-share it with you.