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Peanut Butter Is The Salve For the Soul.

24 Feb

The best comfort food?


Crunchy Peanut Butter by the Spoonful by certified su


Peanut butter. Peanut Butter on whole wheat crackers, peanut butter on sliced apples, peanut butter on a slab of whole wheat bread. Peanut. Butter.


I’d Like To Bring Back–Gentlemen Wearing Hats and 3-Piece Suits, & Ladies Dressing Like Ladies Again.

24 Feb

Are you sick of seeing otherwise beautiful young girls wearing the Uggs+Pajamas combo to go to Starbucks to do their homework? Have you had enough of men wandering around the aisles of the grocery store in tattered basketball shorts and wifebeaters? Yeah, me too.

I am tired of seeing the schlubby dressers out there! Come on, get with it! Why can’t we all go back to the era of men running around dressed like Cary Grant and Eva Marie-Saint in “North By Northwest”? In the workplace, I have seen people wear absolutely inappropriate things that reflect that they are not only unhappy with their jobs, they feel mediocre about themselves. Baggy, slouchy jeans, inappropriately bare tops, flipflops, et cetera, et cetera. And the women are usually much more guilty than the men are on the scale of inappropriateness! Unbelievable!

Sure, we can’t all have Cary’s chiseled face, and Eva’s beautiful blue eyes or flaxen blonde hair, but beginning to dress like we can emulate the classiness they depicted both inside their characters and out can go a long way in terms of presenting ourselves in our real-life, daily worlds.

Live A Day Without My Blackberry?! How About An Hour?!

20 Feb

Are you serious?! No way, never, no how.Curve

I can’t function without it. It tells me where I need to be, and when, what I need to wear, don’t forget a change of shoes. And don’t forget the dry cleaning. Remember, it’s so-and-so’s birthday in a week. Buh-doop. Oh, It’s GoogleTalk client..someone’s talking to me. You have a notification through Facebook Blackberry Client. GoogleMaps is calculating your currently location through GPS.Your video has been successfully uploaded to

Even sometimes, when the phone rings, it says “DO NOT ANSWER”, because inevitably it’s someone that I should *not* be talking to, for one reason or another. It’s amazing! You can prevent embarrassing drnkdials with a simple push of the red button–“Ignore”.

I have had an ongoing love affair with Research in Motion since 2005…why would I stop now? RIM has been a very good to me, keeping me well organized, as well has helping me weather many a storm. I think the data in the Curve I own now has been loaded in each and every one of my Blackberries through device manager going on 4 years now, spanning 3 generations of Blackberry!

Occasionally we’ll have a breakdown, and in that case, I go full steam ahead, in serious meltdown mode to get it replaced. I’m calling customer service, I’m online, I’m all over the place.

Oh, How You Tear My Heart Asunder.

16 Feb

Have you ever listened to a song a million times, had it in heavy rotation on your iPod, and remember listening to it in college…

But then, one day, on an off-chance, you hear it randomly, and it not only suits your mood for the moment, but encapsulates your feelings?

You realise 
Cause she’s too nice to you 
And you’re too nice to her 
If you don’t let each other get buried 
Cause you know comes a time 
When love will unwind 
Somebody suffers what’s new, still you 
Do you know that it’s over 
Love can damage your health

Ah, Télépopmusik, that French electronica group from way back when. How you tear my heart asunder and make it ache so.

Pieces Of Advice I’ve Been Given That Everyone Should Hear.

11 Feb

I’m always the most impatient one in my bunch, so no surprise that I am constantly being told to calm down and take it slow. It’s advice I’m often given, and yet, I constantly struggle with it. Nonetheless, I need to keep considering it.

“Patience. All the best things in life can be ruined by jumping up and down throughout the process. And that’s not just for cakes–it goes for men too.” – from my BFF, Jonathon A Gbenekama.

And just from something wonderful I read once in Roger Ebert’s column:

“Whenever you’re in doubt in a social situation, just ask yourself, what would Fred Astaire do?” – Gregory Nava, Director

I Am A Real-Life April Wheeler

7 Feb

Ah well. Anyone who belongs to the downtrodden, huddled masses who always tried their damnedest to make sense of the world and always do the right things, and yet gets shafted in the end–can relate to April Wheeler of Revolutionary Road.

Aric and I have decided we are definitely parallel to April Wheeler (Kate Winslet), the woman who tries like hell to fight the marginalising society pressures and dreams of a bigger life for herself and her family. Many times in the past I feel as if I have always done the right thing, the adult thing to do…and I get shifted aside anyhow. Watching her trying to deal with it all, and eventually succumb in a self-inflicted moment of insanity, it made sense. The film is sprinkled with very sparsely with dialogue, which lets our laconic heroine emote a million moments with one flash or her eyes, or one shake of her fragile wrist. Tragic, yes. But also inspiring, in the same way that Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) was inspiring in American Beauty. I go into this more here.

A Faux-ku For The Rainiest Day In Recent Memory.

5 Feb
An Aric-facilitated, heartbreak-inspired, Gtalk-manufactured Faux-ku for your reading pleasure.
I actually cried
When I was on the phone with him
I’ve met on Tuesday, It’s Thursday, It’s raining
And I can’t stand to not talk to him
But I can’t stand to talk to him
So it’s over.
It’s all over.


Somewhat later, Aric says the following, which I have deemed Quote of the Day:


“This is all a bit too soap opera for me. I would have ignored him and his beautiful jaw line today.”