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*Pow*, MBA B!tch! What Up?!!

8 Jun

Seriously, my friend Cornelius.

He cracks me the feck up, serious.

And the MBA conversations continue between yours truly, the MBA novice who is only halfway through her first trimester, and Cornelius, my friend who will graduate his program this week.

LoveMeDeux: This week one your fellow Anderson students told me about the “secret MBA handshake”.
Cornelius: ?
LoveMeDeux: I have no idea.
Cornelius: Me neither, and I’m an Anderson MBA too.
LoveMeDeux: She just said “Yeah well, it doesn’t matter if you’re Graziadio, we have the secret MBA handshake”
Cornelius: Alright…if she says so…
LoveMeDeux: Yeah. I’m like WTF? At the time I was like, “Uh, yeah..the secret handshake, right…”
LoveMeDeux: I don’t “get” MBA people.
Cornelius: ?
LoveMeDeux: It is almost like…a little arrogance? But “justified” arrogance?
Cornelius: Ok no. Cornelius’ MBA Rules.
LoveMeDeux: Ok, tell.
Cornelius: #1 – Any MBA student that tells you directly, or somehow implies, that his or her completion of an MBA has somehow made them better at any one of the following: 1) Project management, 2) Finance, 3) Leadership, 4) Sex, or 5) Any area related to life or business is lying to you.
LoveMeDeux: HAHAHaaaaaa!!!! I think that’s what she was implying with the secret handshake!
Cornelius: It’s the ultimate in MBA bullshit.
LoveMeDeux: It is! People act like they’re somewhat more entitled! Like they’re more equipped.
Cornelius: The only thing an MBA is allowed to say is that they completed a rather arduous application process that is more thorough than what companies have the time or interest in doing themselves. I challenge them all the time. I know what they learn, I know how they learn it. There are some of the skills good, yes. But show it!
Cornelius: Don’t just go *pow* MBA, bitch! What’s up!
LoveMeDeux: Seriously. Don’t act like God reached down & touched you.
Cornelius: If that happened, I’d expect to cum.
LoveMeDeux: OMFG!!!!!!! You are fucking hilarious!!!
Cornelius: Too sacrilegious?
LoveMeDeux: Nooo noo, that’s not what I’m laughing at! I’m laughing at the “MBA, bitch, what up!”
Cornelius: 🙂 You missed my witty banter.
LoveMeDeux: I did!!! I just saw you say it: “Pow! Mba bitch, what up!!” In your whiteboy way! That was amazing. Thank you, I totally lost it laughing.
Cornelius: Gracias! 🙂


@DanRegal Has Outed Us All As Twitterholics.

6 May
 Everyone Is Tweeting, originally uploaded by danregal.

@danregal was the official photographer by default this past Saturday night at the TweetUp at The Room. Somehow he caught us all acting the fool, Twitter-wise, with his deft camera moves!

I really mean it when I say a) I really don’t remember taking these photos, and b) I really don’t remember taking these photos.

In this latter photo, my Twitteriffic friends L to R: @Davest010, myself, @Phatemokid, @ventesoychai, @paradoxmo (caught in the mirror, he’s in the blue shirt), @lomara, and @brianrubin. Not pictured, but just as guilty: @boxspring, @pfont and @sgoodman1138. @shambot was too busy dancing and doing what normal people do in a bar–have non-Twitter related fun. 🙂

And @lomara has pointed out that, yes, we are all tweeting each other–from across the table. But I’ll say it first–it’s a ton of fun. And the fact that we’re being so ludicrous is half of it.

Southwest Flight 372, Service To Oklahoma City.

24 Apr

This is just…unbelievably bad ass.

If I not the first person to say this, I’m sure, but if I had a flight attendant like this, I would actually pay attention.

I have listened to it four times now, and that’s four more times than when I fly!

I Have A New Hero, And His Name Is Ari Gold.

15 Apr

How did I manage to miss this show, Entourage? I had always heard amazing things about the show, but now I have a whole new obsession that is making my Netflix Queue look like this: 

(The beauty of being late in the game means I can watch it all consecutively in a marathon instead of having to wait for each hiatus to be over in between.)

Not only is the show sharp, caustic, witty and oh-so-Los-Angeles, but there is that one added bonus that stood out to me…

I had a emotionally draining day today, and when I managed to pop in the first episode of the first season of Entourage, I got a treat.

I met a man who gets to scream out nasty things like I wanted screamed out today, for example, when Starbucks fecked up a simple order of a Grande coffee with one add shot of espresso, made me wait for 10 minutes to get a new one, delaying me from an appointment, and, to add insult to injury, issued no apology. I tweeted it out, but it’s an altogether different thing when you are able to scream it out like he can. And he’s allowed to scream and be nasty, because he’s got the clout from being unbelievably good at what he does backing him up. He’s golden, no pun intended.

In short, I have a new hero, and his name is Ari Gold.

Observe: [by the way, my favorite Ari moment thus far is at 3 min 8 seconds].

Okay, all right, so even if I were Ari Gold, I still wouldn’t have gone ballistic on the Starbucks staff this afternoon. But it’s fun to imagine it.

And part of the reason why I want to better myself with an MBA is because I feel like if I had that intelligence as ammunition to back me up and give me similar clout, I could win like Ari, himself “just a lowly Harvard grad with a J.D./M.B.A. from Michigan“, not only because he knows better, but because he really is better.

Poor, Poor MiseryBear.

31 Mar

MiseryBear is miserable.

But it’s truly, oh so funny, à la Happy Tree Friends. Here’s a stellar example about what can transpire when you add an inanimate object to the common workplace, some quick camera movements, and a general sensibility for humor. Can’t you just feel the dry Brit humor in it?

I laughed out loud when he bashes his head on the monitor. And when he gets pissed off at the envelope. I think I’ve seen it 5 times now.

You can follow MiseryBear at twitter.com/MiseryBear, and he has an extended cut here.

The Week of the IRL

29 Mar

in – [in]
re⋅al – [ree-uhl, reel]
life – [lahyf]

What a week it has been. First I met Bishop Allen on Monday night, next all the online Social Media people that matter, on Friday night.

@RogueTess, @LoveMeDeux & @phatemokid

Finally, I meet RogueTess IRL! phatemokid was sporting his new ‘do.

I am not one for promoting liquor on this blog, but come on! This is a very special photo. Thank you to darthweef for letting me steal this photo. The rest of his photos are here.

On a perfect, warm Los Angeles night.

To say we had a great time is an understatement. How cute is bigepaz in her signature pose! The rest of my photos are here.

Where Tech Meets–Sheep?

28 Mar

Actually, totally jaw dropping.