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Southwest Flight 372, Service To Oklahoma City.

24 Apr

This is just…unbelievably bad ass.

If I not the first person to say this, I’m sure, but if I had a flight attendant like this, I would actually pay attention.

I have listened to it four times now, and that’s four more times than when I fly!


Poor, Poor MiseryBear.

31 Mar

MiseryBear is miserable.

But it’s truly, oh so funny, à la Happy Tree Friends. Here’s a stellar example about what can transpire when you add an inanimate object to the common workplace, some quick camera movements, and a general sensibility for humor. Can’t you just feel the dry Brit humor in it?

I laughed out loud when he bashes his head on the monitor. And when he gets pissed off at the envelope. I think I’ve seen it 5 times now.

You can follow MiseryBear at, and he has an extended cut here.

Where Tech Meets–Sheep?

28 Mar

Actually, totally jaw dropping.

I’m In A Star Wars State of Mind

26 Mar

Yes, I am a Star Wars geek. My favorite tee has a Millenium Falcon on it.

But occasionally, I will get into a Star Wars state of mind, and I must get a little bit of a Star Wars fix to alleviate it.

Today was one such day, and I just searched YouTube based on the words “lightsaber duel”. Most of the fan videos out there are cobbled together with poor fight choreography and mediocre Adobe AfterEffects add-ons, but this one is special!

The camera angles, the duel choreography, the appearance of “pressure” when the lightsabers touch, everything. Perfect.

Is It Really *Just* Dancing?

16 Dec

Matt Harding went all over the world just…..dancing.

No really. Just dancing.

His website claims there’s no message to this dancing. But I still take away the simplest statement, that everyone in the world loves silliness, everyone loves dancing. Everyone is the same in some major fundamental ways. Sad dribble, I know. Maybe the holidays are getting to me. Nonetheless, have a look.

I’m sure this is all over everyone else’s blogs, but I care not. It is stunning, and I shall post it.

[Note: It is 110% worth it to go to YouTube and click on the Hi-Def version.]

His other videos, to include dancing outtakes, are available on his YouTube channel.

You Missed That One Memo About Ukulele Ownage.

17 Oct

Did I miss something?

It seems like ukulele fever is dominating YouTube! I will be the first to say that there is something sublime about the nimbleness that resounds from a precisely played ukulele, but I started clicking on these videos and found just too many good ones to share! I edited this blog down and still I feel I must share these seven:

As a rabid Arrested Development fan, this one hits close to [model] home. (Sorry about the inside jokes, but I just can’t help myself!) I don’t think I blinked, the first time I watched this. My mouth fell open and I just sort of stared. It’s not just a ukulele–it’s a kazookulele?

I have never seen anything remotely like that in my entire life. 

And because I am on a serious The Beatles “Let’s Revisit Anthology I” kick recently, I have to share these next two clips.

First from New York State, Julia Nunes, with herself on harmony, covering “All My Loving“. I dare you to try and refrain from singing in harmony along with with her. I dare you, c’est impossible! If you love this, you must see Julia’s cover of “Falling Slowly”, the Academy Award-winning song from the motion picture Once.

And this flawless rendition from Germany of Paul‘s “Something“. The dog almost makes the other 50% of this clip.

Here’s a clip that isn’t really very ukulele-centric, but I just got such a kick out of watching Stefan Raab, a very famous and well-liked German comedian/entertainer, hamming it up with Will Smith whilst putting him on the spot with the song “Men In Black“! [Let’s say he’s the Deutsch version of Conan O’Brien. If you love it, watch Stefan serenading Britney Spears with the ukulele, with German commentators ripping into her in the meanwhile, or the hilarious “Space Taxi“, a song sung mainly in English, from Traumschiff Surprise, a German Star Trek parody film. It is hilarious, with the title literally translating into “DreamShip Surprise”. Incidentally, the Spock, Kirk and Scotty parody characters are all gay. But that’s a story for another day! God, I miss RTL–I would find the weirdest things on.]

And then this kid is amazing. And Super Mario Brothers rocks. For more Ryan Imamura, here’s another amazing clip, where he plays “Let’s Dance”.

And then there’s William H Macy taking cheap shots at Martin Lawrence, John Travolta and Tim Allen while on Oprah–all while strumming his ukulele and singing:

Now, let me preface this next selection by saying that I do not really like Nirvana, never have, never will. I did not jump on that whole 90’s flannel-wearing, grunge bandwagon. No offense to those who still fervently worship Kurt to this date, but I just didn’t.

However, I will say, this rocks!:

Thanks for taking this musical journey with me into ukuleleland! There is much, much more out there, but I stopped myself. 🙂

“It’s My Robot Buddy..!”

15 Sep

I was going to write a darker entry tonight, but then I just didn’t feel up to it. I will attempt it again at a later time.

Meanwhile here’s a hilarious YouTube clip I’ve been meaning to share that keeps making me laugh over and over again. I’m not usually one to champion Koreans exclusively, but you’ve got to love the dynamic here between Bobby Lee and John Cho.

[Ah, I remember this one night at The Comedy Store when I ran into Bobby Lee…almost literally. But that’s a story for a rainy day.]

The real magic happens at about 2 min 52 sec. Too funny! For a more casual clip of Bobby Lee–still very funny, click here.