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Hotter Than A Pepper Sprout

29 Oct

I sort of hate it, as others do, when music “falls off” of my iTunes playlist. This inevitably occurs on my iTunes when Apple sends out a new update that I load.

But then, when one spends the time to reload their music back onto their iTunes, you begin to discover that there was music you were skipping through because you were sick of, or “lost” music that hadn’t been loaded onto your iPod in a long time.

I was reloading music onto my iTunes this afternoon and discovered, much to my horror, that Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash had fallen off my playlist somehow. Ooh. Oops.

Then it occured to me that I hadn’t ever seen the two of them perform that song. You know, that song. As you watch, please observe at 1min 47, the look on his face. 

I think that everyone, men and women alike, searches for that look in others’ faces, meant specially for them.


I Am Apparently Not In Sync.

28 Oct

I cannot seem to stop listening to “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend! That song, and the rest of the album is on heavy rotation on my iTunes. I am trying to branch out, but it’s just so danged catchy! Help! Eileen is also a Vampire Weekend fan and she agrees that they are seriously catchy.

Here is another great band whose second album “Brain Thrust Mastery” is also on heavy rotation on my iTunes recently. We Are Scientists with the big hit: “After Hours”:

Apparently they were just here in Los Angeles at the Nokia on October 15th. What is wrong with me? That’s the second new band that I’ve recently become obsessed with whose tour dates I am not synced up with.

A funny little bonus in regards to We Are Scientists (“WAS” for short), is that they have a hilarious website! They do reviews of movies and other random stuff, as well as run an advice column. Too cute.

Let’s Make It Official: There Needs To Be A Large Plaque Stating It.

24 Oct

I knew it! This place is called “Cupcake Park”! Even if it is just by us weirdos eating cupcake and washing it down with ice cold milk at like 11pm on a Tuesday night!

As my friend Sam says, “Every weeknight, it’s always the yuppies, students and partygoers eating cupcakes—right alongside the bums.”


What I would do for round-trip tix to NYC right this second. Ahh.

This Chav Is The Father Of Irony As We Know It Today.

24 Oct

Behold, How They Get There.

Spike Jonze has this little hallmark where everything he touches turns, partially, into chaos. I would argue that this little short film is actually about finding love in the strangest of places.

After a conversation with my Plurk friends today, I am convinced that he is also The Father of Irony As We Know It Today. He even does the Mirrorball interview in the faux Chav-like personality he dons occasionally. Check it out now:

I can’t wait to see what he does with the film adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are, which happens to be one of my favorite books ever. The film will apparently combine live actionsuitmationanimatronics and CGI and is slated for release in October 2009.

I Hate Trust Fund Assholes In Frats–But I Love Trust Fund Frat Rock.

24 Oct

Go figure.

I am loving on Vampire Weekend.

After discovering them through their iTunes early preview in January, I always have liked them, but after watching Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and hearing their “Ottoman” within the film, I’ve rekindled the romance.

I know that they’ve been dubbed “trust fund frat rock” by fellow musicians, and that Christian Lander of “Stuff White People Like” make fun, tongue-in-cheek, saying that Vampire Weekend was “the whitest band”, but I care not. (Well, as an Asian girl, I’m apparently #11 on the Stuff White People Like list, myself! But it’s true. I don’t date Asian, and I totally date white guys.)

They’re playing in NYC at Terminal 5 on 06 December, and it’s the only show that’s not sold out! So FYI to my future boyfriend out there who are wealthy enough to fly us out for a weekend:

I can be packed and ready to go in less than one hour–slinky black fringed flapper dress, extra underwear and a toothbrush. Let’s go.

Mansard Roof” is fun:

And “Oxford Comma” is more pissed off and catchy.

See what I mean? It’s like cocky “turn up the collar of your Lacoste shirt” rock, but at the same time, it’s strangely irresistible.

I’m serious about New York City, FutureBoyfriend. We can stay at The Pod.

Call me!

What’s The Diff?

23 Oct

Before I start with my devil’s advocate line of questioning, let me tell you that I own all of Coldplay‘s albums. ven the iffy one, X&Y. Rush of Blood To The Head is still in heavy rotation on my iPod, as it is still one of my favorite albums of all time, and Parachutes gets a good amount of play as well. And of course, when Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends was in pre-sales on iTunes, I laid my cash down, and I never do that.

But sometimes, I wonder. I know that Coldplay is supposed to be pop/alternative rock, but is this band just another unoriginal sell-out machine?

It’s videos like this that make me wonder. It’s of Boyce Avenue, a band out of Florida, covering Coldplay’s first smash hit single, Viva La Vida off of the latest album.

Of course there’s no string section, they need could use a drummer, backup vocalists and a bassist, but I will argue that it is all generally present in this video. Maybe Boyce Avenue, if they had the money, the fancy editing, a proper recording studio and a proper producer, could be just as good as Coldplay if not better? Raw talent is sometimes hard to pinpoint at the get-go–even The Beatles were rejected multiple times and Brian Epstein was told “guitar groups are on the way out, Mr. Epstein,” by Decca Records A&R executive Dick Rowe as he turned Epstein down flat.

So what’s the difference? 

Is it because Chris is married to Gwyneth? Have we just bought into the cult of Coldplay‘s personality? Is it because they’re English? Here’s the original video from Coldplay. Judge for yourself, and please do, let me know what you think.

Random Starbucks Musings

22 Oct

I am sitting in Starbucks sort of lost at the moment.

  • Some guy just walked by wearing the same cologne my first high school boyfriend ever wore. It’s a label, but then again, it’s such a cheesy smelling cologne. Why did I ever fall for it? Ah, right. because I was 17.
  • These girls sitting next to me have said “I mean?!” and “like” and “for reals!” and “Oh my God,” more times than I care to count. How can you study for your final when you’ve that many useless words interspersed into dialogue? Okay, I’m sure you’re going to cure cancer someday, but wow. Really? Of course, Brooklyn, via chat from NYC, reminds me that I also say “like” a few too many times. But I told him it’s not the same because it fades as one grows older.
  • The next chat window over, Elliot is helping me commiserate about the fact that I’ve been unemployed for almost three months now

Elliot: Find a job. People are still hiring, but it gets harder.
Me: I haven’t cried yet. But I might just break down and do it.
Elliot: No, no. No crying allowed.
Me: There’s no crying in baseball?
Elliot: Or life.

Okay, so Elliot made me laugh. At least there’s that.