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“Write A Haiku About The Last Film You Saw.” Really, Plinky? Really?!

17 Apr

Seamed stockings and lace

She left it all anyway

Still, she’s pin-up queen.

    Gretchen Mol dispatched this film expertly, and though it wasn’t the biopic of the century, it was nice to be able to “see” Bettie Page‘s life onscreen, with a well-rounded cast of supporters, to include David Straithairn and Lili Taylor. Special features include footage of the real Bettie Page getting naked and doing what she did best.

    Still the most popular pinup to this day, and apparently more popular than blondes Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield combined, this brunette has a quality about her where, as one of her photographers Bunny Yeager says, “she doesn’t seem naked when she’s naked”, I guess that fresh-faced “girl next door” look compensated. Whatever it was, she was a legend in her own right, and this film just confirmed for me what we already know–Bettie was the kind of girl you wish you could have gone with for girls night out!


    I Have A New Hero, And His Name Is Ari Gold.

    15 Apr

    How did I manage to miss this show, Entourage? I had always heard amazing things about the show, but now I have a whole new obsession that is making my Netflix Queue look like this: 

    (The beauty of being late in the game means I can watch it all consecutively in a marathon instead of having to wait for each hiatus to be over in between.)

    Not only is the show sharp, caustic, witty and oh-so-Los-Angeles, but there is that one added bonus that stood out to me…

    I had a emotionally draining day today, and when I managed to pop in the first episode of the first season of Entourage, I got a treat.

    I met a man who gets to scream out nasty things like I wanted screamed out today, for example, when Starbucks fecked up a simple order of a Grande coffee with one add shot of espresso, made me wait for 10 minutes to get a new one, delaying me from an appointment, and, to add insult to injury, issued no apology. I tweeted it out, but it’s an altogether different thing when you are able to scream it out like he can. And he’s allowed to scream and be nasty, because he’s got the clout from being unbelievably good at what he does backing him up. He’s golden, no pun intended.

    In short, I have a new hero, and his name is Ari Gold.

    Observe: [by the way, my favorite Ari moment thus far is at 3 min 8 seconds].

    Okay, all right, so even if I were Ari Gold, I still wouldn’t have gone ballistic on the Starbucks staff this afternoon. But it’s fun to imagine it.

    And part of the reason why I want to better myself with an MBA is because I feel like if I had that intelligence as ammunition to back me up and give me similar clout, I could win like Ari, himself “just a lowly Harvard grad with a J.D./M.B.A. from Michigan“, not only because he knows better, but because he really is better.

    Put Your Lovin’ Hand Out Baby.

    9 Apr

    Due to the fact that I’m a Revision3 fangirl, tuning in multiple times a week to catch Scam School, DiggNation & The Digg Reel, and, it turns out, just about anything that @bigepaz has a hand in producing, I have had to watch this commercial about 5 times per week, as Adidas is a Revision3 sponsor. It is attached to every show that is mentioned above.

    I’m not complaining.

    Quite the opposite, in fact.

    I actually love this commercial. [Call me brainwashed, and a “sell out to the brand”, but seriously, one of my favorite articles of clothing is my old Adidas zip-up track jacket that I bought years ago. If you know me, you’ve seen me in it.]

    Truly, these marketing people know what they’re doing. It’s simple, really. Get a house, fill it with people, some even famous, and party down in a “chic in the hills”, college frat style.

    But I’ll argue that the ingenuity comes not only in the slow-mo, so that we can enjoy every sumptuous graphic presented to us, but in the choice of “Beggin‘”, by none other than Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. It’s part throwback to a classier era of partying, or so we’d like to think, and part reference to Jersey Boys, which, if you’re an “in-the-know” kind of consumer, you’ll have already seen two Tony seasons ago.

    Absolutely brilliant. I want an MBA so I can better contend with the brains behind this kind of beautiful, organized madness.

    Full version of this commercial is available here.

    I’m In A Star Wars State of Mind

    26 Mar

    Yes, I am a Star Wars geek. My favorite tee has a Millenium Falcon on it.

    But occasionally, I will get into a Star Wars state of mind, and I must get a little bit of a Star Wars fix to alleviate it.

    Today was one such day, and I just searched YouTube based on the words “lightsaber duel”. Most of the fan videos out there are cobbled together with poor fight choreography and mediocre Adobe AfterEffects add-ons, but this one is special!

    The camera angles, the duel choreography, the appearance of “pressure” when the lightsabers touch, everything. Perfect.

    The Whitest Asian Girl You Know.

    18 Mar

    [Note: Elliott is “white”, whatever that means in today’s context. :-D]

    LoveMeDeux: YES! “Mad Men” has been announced as No.123 on! I am so white for an Asian girl! W00t!
    Elliott: i’m confused
    LoveMeDeux: what? why?
    Elliott: u really love this site dont you? and you’re not even white.
    LoveMeDeux: yeah. i’m white in spirit.
    LoveMeDeux: it’s so funny, it’s like a confirmation
    Elliott: lol. i like the approach of asian girls
    Elliott: “i get to capture the exotic image of being asian, but then act like the white girl men know and love”
    LoveMeDeux: YES, that’s us, baby.
    Elliott: lol
    LoveMeDeux: and now, i’m letting you know, this exchange is going on my blog because it’s too funny!
    Elliott: from where to where?
    LoveMeDeux: oh just the part about the website.
    Elliott: lol
    LoveMeDeux: and you know i disguise you as Elliott.
    Elliott: link me when its up 🙂
    LoveMeDeux: will do.

    I Am A Real-Life April Wheeler

    7 Feb

    Ah well. Anyone who belongs to the downtrodden, huddled masses who always tried their damnedest to make sense of the world and always do the right things, and yet gets shafted in the end–can relate to April Wheeler of Revolutionary Road.

    Aric and I have decided we are definitely parallel to April Wheeler (Kate Winslet), the woman who tries like hell to fight the marginalising society pressures and dreams of a bigger life for herself and her family. Many times in the past I feel as if I have always done the right thing, the adult thing to do…and I get shifted aside anyhow. Watching her trying to deal with it all, and eventually succumb in a self-inflicted moment of insanity, it made sense. The film is sprinkled with very sparsely with dialogue, which lets our laconic heroine emote a million moments with one flash or her eyes, or one shake of her fragile wrist. Tragic, yes. But also inspiring, in the same way that Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) was inspiring in American Beauty. I go into this more here.

    A Film That I Haven’t Seen, Confession No.1

    25 Jan

    I have never seen Leaving Las Vegas.

    Should I?

    For some reason I can’t get past Nicholas Cage” exhibiting a certain degree of “bleahness” in all the trailers to want to see this film. I know Elisabeth Shue is supposed to be fantastic in this, but even she is not enough for me to want to see this, for some reason.

    Oddly enough, I loved Nicholas Cage to the point of worship in the film Adaptation., and his performance in The Family Man was fun and heartwarming, but seriously, there’s something about Leaving Las Vegas that makes me just go “bleah”. Perhaps it’s the depressing subject matter? Due to the fact that it won some prominent Oscar’s during its year, I feel obligated to see it, but I still don’t know if that’s enough to keep me interested. 

    Ok, so someone give me a really compelling reason as to why I should move this to the top of my Netflix Queue, or else I’ll be mentally deleting it forever.