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An Ounce of Cool, Please.

24 Nov

Goddang, Ellen!


How the heck does she make such simple, monochromatic colors and a limited texture palette look so good? I mean, of course it helps that she has a brilliant sense of humor and a tendency to find hilarity in every situation, but come on! It’s not fair!

I need to get some Converse to wear with my suits. Maybe then I could capture even an ounce of the cool that Ellen has.


The (Surprising) List of My 25 Most Played Artists.

24 Nov

My Plurkfriend Teslanaut introduced me to Last.Fm, which not only recommends music to you (and let me tell you that as of the moment, it’s more accurate in projecting what I like than iTunes Genius is!) based on your previously preferred/frequently played music, it actually remembers all the music that you’ve listened to…for forever.

So based on my iPod activity for the past few months, behold, my list of 25 most played artists. The blue column denotes how many times the mp3 has played.

Teslanaut Rotation Challenge

Not what you thought you’d see?

I know. Apparently Frederic Chopin, as well as my love for classical guitar, supersedes my love for any indie/alternative music, as well as jazz!

What! Supersedes jazz?! Crazy!

Teslanaut himself stated early on that he believed an overwhelming percentage would indicate Vampire Weekend the clear winner! I certainly believed so as well, in addition to Coldplay, Beirut, Bishop Allen, The “Once” OST, and so on.

 I used to like to believe that one could judge someone’s character based on the musical contents of their iPod…I am starting to wonder, though?

Michel Gondry, I ♥ You.

23 Nov

Having just finished watching Be Kind Rewind, I just had to wiki up Michel Gondry once more before bed.

I learned:

According to the 2004 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, Michel Gondry’s Levi’s 501 Jeans “Drugstore” spot holds the record for “Most awards won by a TV commercial”. The commercial was never aired in North America because of the suggestive content involving purchasing latex condoms.

Mais voilà! Through the magic of YouTube, c’est ici!

Cheeky. I love it. In other news, here is my (tentative) Michel Gondry Film ranking:

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It made me cry in the theatre. It really did. Having seen it after a breakup, it was well timed. Seared into my memory forever.

2. The Science of Sleep. I made sure that I knew as little as possible about this film before I saw it, and the complete media blackout did good. It’s a bittersweet story, the best possible kind.

3. Be Kind Rewind. It is definitely “more American” than the others, as the NY Times Mag has said, but the Gondry-ness is still alive and well within this film. I’ll take this as Gondry’s love letter to small towns and their people.

I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Time For The Panic Attack!

21 Nov

You know just how attached I am to this thing.

It will not charge. I don’t know what the problem is.

I’m about to leave the house with the old Blackberry on hand just in case I need to swap it out. Sh!t.

We’re Not In Obscurity Anymore, Toto.

18 Nov

Oh heiligescheisse. (Oh holy sh!t.)

I just heard this Pink Martini song, “Ojala“, probably my favorite one from their entire discography, blasting from the speakers in my local Starbucks.

This little gem of a song, from the album Hey Eugene!, is a little bit of saucy French cabaret, recalling the voluptuous laziness of old dance hall days in Paris, the dust that dancers loosen from the floor filling the air at Moulin de la Galette, Aristide Bruant and Henri de Toulouse Lautrec just hanging around getting drunk. Can’t you hear the rapid-fire chatter and titters of laughter, accompanied by the careless clinking of champagne glasses? How can you not instantly think of Pierre-Auguste and his fuzzy, sweet, champagne-goggled Le Bal du Moulin de la Galette?

What is my problem you ask, with this playing in Starbucks?

Because it’s the pat, throwaway soundtrack to people talking and sitting and not appreciating fully the genius that is Pink Martini and Thomas Lauderdale‘s brilliant songwriting abilities.

Ugh. I will almost go as far as saying I’d prefer it if the only people who knew about it was the small set of diehard Pink Martini fans who know every song and own every album, just so that it can be appreciated properly.

I mean, how dare they just sit there and drink coffee!? 


Ha, Victorian Times.

17 Nov

Married To The Sea

I Am A DocuGeek.

16 Nov

I am totally addicted to a relatively new 10-part PBS series called Carrier. From the PBS website:

“Making the film CARRIER required 17 filmmakers to take a six-month journey aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz during its deployment to the Gulf in support of the Iraq War. They disembarked from Coronado, California on May 7, 2005 and returned there November 8, 2005 with stops at Pearl Harbor, Hong Kong, Guam, Kuala Lumpur, Bahrain and Perth, Australia.

The trip proved an evolution for the film crew who spent the early weeks trying to find their place while the 5,000 sailors and Marines around them were too busy to take notice. Eventually, the film crew discerned the ebb and flow of life on a carrier, and began to feel more at home on board. The ship’s crew not only accepted them but also took a vested interest in the project, making suggestions on the best places to film and providing access to missions that helped capture the full experience of the deployment.”

How badass is that. Either this is badass, or I am a DocuGeek. Or both. Probably both.

Here’s the half hour preview:

Here’s the link to the entire 10-part series. God bless Hulu.