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Shiz. I *Do* Need To Get Married, After All.

6 Dec

I realise that I do, eventually, need to get married.


There’s a huge cricket on the wall across from my bed staring me down, ready to crawl all over my face as soon as I fall asleep. I just know it!

I can’t sleep.

Oh yeah, in case you don’t get it, the correlation is that the husband would get rid of said cricket, and/or any other offending creatures, and send them silently into the night.


23 Sep

My future husband will say…

“You wait here and close your eyes for a few more. I’m going to get us some Americanos. Oh, and a chocolate croissant?”

Of course, the truth of it is, if he’s my husband, and I were dearly in love, I’d be the one off getting the Americanos.

But one can hope.

7 Sep

My good friend Kai is planning her wedding. She says she doesn’t have any money to plan for it right now, what with school, etc, getting in the way, but the fact remains–she has a man who loves her and wants to marry her and therefore she has the means by which to plan the wedding!

Which got me to thinking. I think regarding weddings, I am such a traditionalist that I think I’d want the whole huge cathedral wedding. And the reception would feature music by Pink Martini. But of course.

But first, let’s rewind. I would need a husband first. And preferably, he’d be the type to say:

“You look the most gorgeous the morning after we’ve had a long night out–when you wake up with the crazy hair.”

3 Sep

My Future Husband will say

Oh you’re such an exquisite creature–explicitly because you get ready to go out in half the time it takes other women to get ready to leave the house.