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Horse-drawn Carriages Should Make A Comeback

16 Mar

The romance of a horse-drawn carriage is pretty hard to beat.

Don’t you think that if horse-drawn carriages existed, people would stop to smell the roses and enjoy life a bit more?

Unfortunately the only places where you can have a carriage ride nowadays are few and far between. The last place I indulged in a carriage ride was in New York’s Central Park. I am also told that downtown Indianapolis facilitates horse-drawn carriages, as well as other random cities dotted throughout the world, such as Quebec City.

A nice, langorous carriage ride through a park every Sunday afternoon would do people a world of good. Wouldn’t we be able to stop and chat about nothing in particular instead of being hardwired to our Blackberries and iPhones?

Don’t forget your parasol!


Bear. Shark. FIGHT!

10 Mar

Photobucket“Question. What kind of bear is best?”

If a bear and a shark went mano a mano, I would have to say I’m putting my money on the bear.

Or whatever Dwight Schrute says.

If you don’t get the reference, you have to see this bad clip, but very very relevant.

14 Nov

I’m posting this from my Blackberry Curve through the Gtalk client through Ping.Fm to Plurk & Twitter. How badass is that.