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Where The Bluebird Sings To The Lemonade Springs.

26 Dec

Random Swedish guys playing/singing “The Big Rock Candy Mountain“. I love it! They’re actually better than most of the Americans singing this same song on YouTube.


Well It’s Been A Long Time, Long Time Now / Since I’ve Seen You Smile

19 Dec

Anyone who knows anything about anything knows that La Blogotheque is pretty much badass when it comes to being first (or near first) on the indie music radar. Par example, Eileen recently wrote a great La Blogotheque post about Vampire Weekend.

So its no surprise to see that they first captured Beirut in a Takeaway Show back in September 2007.

Totally beautiful.  An aimless wandering of Parisien streets with the round-cornered townhouses so signature of a Takeaway Show that simultaneously reminds you of  the gorgeous street scenes of Paris.

Is It Really *Just* Dancing?

16 Dec

Matt Harding went all over the world just…..dancing.

No really. Just dancing.

His website claims there’s no message to this dancing. But I still take away the simplest statement, that everyone in the world loves silliness, everyone loves dancing. Everyone is the same in some major fundamental ways. Sad dribble, I know. Maybe the holidays are getting to me. Nonetheless, have a look.

I’m sure this is all over everyone else’s blogs, but I care not. It is stunning, and I shall post it.

[Note: It is 110% worth it to go to YouTube and click on the Hi-Def version.]

His other videos, to include dancing outtakes, are available on his YouTube channel.

I Can Has Kitteh?!

15 Dec

I know you will think I’m crazy, but I want it!

The Hello Kitty Sterling Silver Pink and White Sapphire Ring with Diamond Accents, $395.

Ridiculous, I know. I’ll buy this for myself right after I buy myself that sprawling house in the Hamptons replete with its own swimming pool, heated jacuzzi, and airstrip for my private jet. Still, here’s the rest of the line from Zales for you to peruse at your leisure.

Fun With Oliver Laric

14 Dec

This is totally random, overly simplistic, and I love it. I wonder how much time it took him to choose all of it?!

Another piece. I appreciate the Indian/techno fusion he chose to set this piece to.

All videos by Oliver Laric.

Bohemian White Nerd Rock For The Win!

12 Dec

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele! Aaaaah!

I love him!

I know that eventually I’ll be marrying someone who looks just like him. Nerdiness FTW.

Anyway, he’s coming to Troubadour on 26 Feb 2009, which just happens to be my brother’s birthday. FTW!!!!! Also, the Troub doesn’t have an “21 and over only” age limit. No age limit FTW!!!!!!

Ode To Those Polish Abs…

12 Dec

Anyone who has seen an episode of Dancing With The Stars will agree that  it is fascinating to watch both the amazing bodies on the professional dancers, as well as the incredible transformation that the stars’ bodies undergo during the season due to some brutally long hours in practice on the dance floor.

But seriously, Eileen and I have agreed, this woman has the best.

Edyta Śliwińska, hotter than a pepper sprout, and of Polish origin. Pictured here with Jason Taylor, with whom she won second place in Season 6.

Where, oh where can I get those abs.

After the 150 sit-ups I did in addition to the 45 Capt’s Chair knee raises, I’m probably going to have issues trying to get out of bed tomorrow morning. I can already see definition, but somehow, I know I’m still a lonnng way away from Edyta Abs. 😦