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I Love Me Some Pie (Charts)!

24 Jan

I have been going to the gym rather regularly, as in more than just 3 times a week, but there’s still something lacking. I still feel somewhat helpless, like I do not have a solid grasp on what’s going on with my body.

So when a fellow Plurker, Vinita, suggested that we get on Traineo.com, a free online fitness and weight tracker that also allows you to add friends and motivate each other, I was all about it. Another Plurker, Calendula, mentioned FitDay.com, and I discovered that though this lacks the ability to participate in a community, it has a lot of fancy graphs and tracking mechanisms like the example below.

Pretty cool, eh? How did we all manage before the internet? I hope that this helps me feel like I have a tangible grasp on what’s going on with my weight/fitness regimen.

At the risk of feeling very nekked in public, if you want to follow my daily progress, you can click here to see LoveMeDeux’s FitDay Profile. I’ll also create a link on the bar to your right, under “Plus de Moi”. 


Resolution No. 2 – To Bake Is Human, To Frost Divine.

4 Jan

Behold, The Magnolia Bakery cupcake!

Now, watch this:

Yeah, pretty impressive, no? I have watched that video a million times to see how he does it–his hand blocks the way for a crucial part during the frosting. :-/

But seriously, folks, I could swear that the unique concave/convex swirl frosting that Magnolia Bakery cupcake boasts is a mini-tribute to sculptor Richard Serra‘s contemporary art piece “Band“. In addition, the little concaves serve as teeny troughs for sprinkles.

#2. Despite the fact that my second New Year’s Resolution clashes badly with the my first, I would like to learn how to frost a cupcake like the Magnola bakers do–because to bake is human (& easy), to frost (like that) looks divine (and hard as heck!)

Resolution No. 1 – Drop It Like It’s Hot.

1 Jan

I pledge to share my resolutions with you here during the upcoming days.

My orthopedic surgeon always used to say that I’m at risk for scoliosis if I do not work out and thus gain more weight. That is a scary prospect, no?

As of the moment I hover between 115-117 on a daily basis. By no means am I overweight. In fact, even at the heaviest, with a Body Mass Index of 22.8, I’m within the normal bounds of 18.5 – 24.9 BMI. My BMI puts me in the 32% percentile, which means that 68% of American women at my age of 28 weigh more than me. But it’s not the BMI that I’m concerned about.

My back and left shoulder blade area is actually pained on a daily basis if I do not go work it out. Scoliosis is exacerbated by extra weight pulling my spine in different directions. It is a chance that I cannot take.

More surgeries? No thanks! I’ve already gotten about 30 under my belt, major and minor.

must lose some weight. So gym everyday, even if it is a little bit of weights and stretching. Healthier food, counting calories obsessively.