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Bohemian White Nerd Rock For The Win!

12 Dec

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele! Aaaaah!

I love him!

I know that eventually I’ll be marrying someone who looks just like him. Nerdiness FTW.

Anyway, he’s coming to Troubadour on 26 Feb 2009, which just happens to be my brother’s birthday. FTW!!!!! Also, the Troub doesn’t have an “21 and over only” age limit. No age limit FTW!!!!!!


The Save Points Are Quite Far Apart

7 Sep

Singing their hit “Gonna Make You Happy Tonight”, from the Aussie geek rock band Tripod.

Actually, I like video games, quite a bit. The only problem is, I get sucked in and before you know it, four hours of my life have slipped away.

Here are some other great songs by them, “Txt Msgs” and “Dungeons & Dragons“.