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A Film That I Haven’t Seen, Confession No.1

25 Jan

I have never seen Leaving Las Vegas.

Should I?

For some reason I can’t get past Nicholas Cage” exhibiting a certain degree of “bleahness” in all the trailers to want to see this film. I know Elisabeth Shue is supposed to be fantastic in this, but even she is not enough for me to want to see this, for some reason.

Oddly enough, I loved Nicholas Cage to the point of worship in the film Adaptation., and his performance in The Family Man was fun and heartwarming, but seriously, there’s something about Leaving Las Vegas that makes me just go “bleah”. Perhaps it’s the depressing subject matter? Due to the fact that it won some prominent Oscar’s during its year, I feel obligated to see it, but I still don’t know if that’s enough to keep me interested. 

Ok, so someone give me a really compelling reason as to why I should move this to the top of my Netflix Queue, or else I’ll be mentally deleting it forever.


I Love Me Some Pie (Charts)!

24 Jan

I have been going to the gym rather regularly, as in more than just 3 times a week, but there’s still something lacking. I still feel somewhat helpless, like I do not have a solid grasp on what’s going on with my body.

So when a fellow Plurker, Vinita, suggested that we get on, a free online fitness and weight tracker that also allows you to add friends and motivate each other, I was all about it. Another Plurker, Calendula, mentioned, and I discovered that though this lacks the ability to participate in a community, it has a lot of fancy graphs and tracking mechanisms like the example below.

Pretty cool, eh? How did we all manage before the internet? I hope that this helps me feel like I have a tangible grasp on what’s going on with my weight/fitness regimen.

At the risk of feeling very nekked in public, if you want to follow my daily progress, you can click here to see LoveMeDeux’s FitDay Profile. I’ll also create a link on the bar to your right, under “Plus de Moi”. 

“I Wouldn’t Trade Her For Gold”.

20 Jan

Personally, I loved the gold-colored Isabel Toledo brocade sheath dress with matching coat. It had a less-traditional cut and feel to the bodice, but isn’t that what Michelle is all about anyhow? Less traditional? I’m okay with it!

As soon as I saw it this morning, I started humming “I wouldn’t trade her for gold”, a line from the song “Gold” by the band Interference from the original motion picture soundtrack, “Once“.

The color, dubbed as “lemongrass” by Toledo herself, the dress and coat were both made of lace layered over wool, for warmth. I saw it as a throwback to the 1950s, where many outfits were layered with lace and eyelet for a dimensional, elegant appeal. For more about the ensemble, click for the Wall Street Journal’s coverage.

Happy Inauguration Day To Us All!

20 Jan

See, I even put up the bunting.

Really, the only reason why I am not going all over-the-top excited & ballistic is because now, after we’ve done the initial work of electing him in, I’m sort of scared that he might crash & burn. I mean, yes, there will most certainly be times when he will fail and falter, but…as of the moment I see him as a sort of untarnished ethereal being…and now it’s like we’re opening him & his family up for tarnishing…


While We Are On The Subject Of Frenchmen…

14 Jan

While we are already on the subject of Frenchmen, let me further divulge–there was another.

He was a record exec with Universal. I fell in love with him (for a few weeks), almost entirely because during one of our earlier meetings, someone at a party we were at set their iPod to play “They Say It’s Wonderful” by Johnny Hartman with accompaniment by John Coltrane, for us from a boomingly loud but absolutely fantastic sound system–hanging out with record execs, go figure–while everyone else at this party discreetly and conveniently evacuated the premises to “go outside to have some cigarettes”.

When I was afforded a chance, I snuck over to the iPod to get a peek at the artist and album. I’m very glad I did so. It was worth the throwaway whirlwind romance. 😀 

As it was fairly obvious to us both soon thereafter that it was not “meant to be”, the Frenchman and I evacuated each others’ lives. But Johnny Hartman most certainly did not, and neither did this album. It’s timeless.

Have a listen.

Alhough to this day, there is one teensy part of me that remembers Matthieu & the heart palpitations felt on that old, beat-up leather couch in Hollywood when I hear this song. And it will always….at least until I fall in love with another to this song. 😉

Resolution No. 3 – Learn From Last Year’s Castle Party Fiasco

13 Jan

Note To Self: If you are at a private party in a castle/mansion up in the Hollywood Hills where the guy to girl ratio is 5 to 1, the drinks are on the house, and you’re wearing your Alice+Olivia sequin party dress, do not leave to go to a party at The Edison because Emotionally Unavailable French Guy who is trying to seduce you, but doesn’t really “want more”, is calling you.

Know when to turn off your bloody Blackberry.

Do Before I Die, No. 3 – Rio de Janeiro y Brasil

9 Jan

Like many Americans, ever since I was turned onto Antonio Carlos Jobim, Astrud & João Gilberto and their samba/bossa nova, I have found that no other place will satisfy the curiosity that stirs caused by all of those sultry songs with lyrics about faraway places that you can barely pronounce.

What more needs to be said? Even one day spent wandering the streets of Rio, walking the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, admiring Corcovado, would fulfill a lifelong dream.