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Monday Nights Are Ideal For Face-Melting Fun.

25 Mar

Ah, I went to the best show ever at The Troubadour, again…!

I love these PoorPeople-friendly, $12 School Night shows at the Troubadour that start late as hell, 10pm+. They’re made for me, the unemployed, laid-off girl who, if she were employed, would absolutely never be able to make these shows, what with my morning commute starting at 4:45am.

Bishop Allen were amazing…they sounded ridiculously face-melting and I re-lost my voice (after just barely nursing it to health, quashing the DeathCough from Hell) for screaming and singing so loud that night. The crowd was wild, and we all had a great time lingering around having drinks with bandmates and meeting nice folks. @BoxSpring facilitated the whole event and @scbound and I had a great time catching up with him IRL, as well as his friend George. Hanging out in the front bar, we also happened to meet Phantom Planet guitarist, Darren Robinson, who is on tour with Miniature Tigers. I confess! I did not even know who he was. He was funny, he tried to steal a water I bought my brother, and so I randomly started chatting with him like he was any other interesting person in the bar. I can never turn down a convo with someone who catches my attention like that.

Oops. Anyway, he was too gracious–after playing a set and driving nonstop to get to Los Angeles, only to pack up to get to San Francisco that night, I would go insane, not chat nicely with people in the bar. He gave me a Phantom Planet guitar pick he had on him. Sweet. When we all left the bar, the artists all went outside, piled their instruments and all their et cetera in huge vans with U-Hauls attached to them, and went off into the night to play a gig in San Francisco. Somehow, that realism is still not enough to wash away the giddiness that comes with a great night of music.

I still can’t believe it was on a Monday night. Sometimes, very rarely, it is a good thing, being unemployed.

More photos of our night here, including pictures taken with Bishop Allen themselves.: Bishop Allen at the Troubadour – 23 Mar 2009


The Bonus Factor in AC Newman.

8 Jan

AC Newman will be at The Troubadour on 26 Feb, a show I have tickets to. I meant to see only Dent May, originally, but after listening to this track, wow, I’m really looking forward to the whole night.

Well It’s Been A Long Time, Long Time Now / Since I’ve Seen You Smile

19 Dec

Anyone who knows anything about anything knows that La Blogotheque is pretty much badass when it comes to being first (or near first) on the indie music radar. Par example, Eileen recently wrote a great La Blogotheque post about Vampire Weekend.

So its no surprise to see that they first captured Beirut in a Takeaway Show back in September 2007.

Totally beautiful.  An aimless wandering of Parisien streets with the round-cornered townhouses so signature of a Takeaway Show that simultaneously reminds you of  the gorgeous street scenes of Paris.

The (Surprising) List of My 25 Most Played Artists.

24 Nov

My Plurkfriend Teslanaut introduced me to Last.Fm, which not only recommends music to you (and let me tell you that as of the moment, it’s more accurate in projecting what I like than iTunes Genius is!) based on your previously preferred/frequently played music, it actually remembers all the music that you’ve listened to…for forever.

So based on my iPod activity for the past few months, behold, my list of 25 most played artists. The blue column denotes how many times the mp3 has played.

Teslanaut Rotation Challenge

Not what you thought you’d see?

I know. Apparently Frederic Chopin, as well as my love for classical guitar, supersedes my love for any indie/alternative music, as well as jazz!

What! Supersedes jazz?! Crazy!

Teslanaut himself stated early on that he believed an overwhelming percentage would indicate Vampire Weekend the clear winner! I certainly believed so as well, in addition to Coldplay, Beirut, Bishop Allen, The “Once” OST, and so on.

 I used to like to believe that one could judge someone’s character based on the musical contents of their iPod…I am starting to wonder, though?

We’re Not In Obscurity Anymore, Toto.

18 Nov

Oh heiligescheisse. (Oh holy sh!t.)

I just heard this Pink Martini song, “Ojala“, probably my favorite one from their entire discography, blasting from the speakers in my local Starbucks.

This little gem of a song, from the album Hey Eugene!, is a little bit of saucy French cabaret, recalling the voluptuous laziness of old dance hall days in Paris, the dust that dancers loosen from the floor filling the air at Moulin de la Galette, Aristide Bruant and Henri de Toulouse Lautrec just hanging around getting drunk. Can’t you hear the rapid-fire chatter and titters of laughter, accompanied by the careless clinking of champagne glasses? How can you not instantly think of Pierre-Auguste and his fuzzy, sweet, champagne-goggled Le Bal du Moulin de la Galette?

What is my problem you ask, with this playing in Starbucks?

Because it’s the pat, throwaway soundtrack to people talking and sitting and not appreciating fully the genius that is Pink Martini and Thomas Lauderdale‘s brilliant songwriting abilities.

Ugh. I will almost go as far as saying I’d prefer it if the only people who knew about it was the small set of diehard Pink Martini fans who know every song and own every album, just so that it can be appreciated properly.

I mean, how dare they just sit there and drink coffee!? 


A Ukulele Song for Bleak Times

13 Nov

Bleak as the times are now, we all need at least one spot of sunshine in our daily lives. So I have to share Julia Nunes singing Aqualung‘s “Brighter Than Sunshine“.

She’s great, she really is, (I also included her cover of “All My Loving” in my blog post earlier about Ukulele Ownage) and she follows the bit up with a retelling of her experiences of the night of 04 November.

She’s right–these are hopeful times, because hope is all that we have left.

I Am Apparently Not In Sync.

28 Oct

I cannot seem to stop listening to “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend! That song, and the rest of the album is on heavy rotation on my iTunes. I am trying to branch out, but it’s just so danged catchy! Help! Eileen is also a Vampire Weekend fan and she agrees that they are seriously catchy.

Here is another great band whose second album “Brain Thrust Mastery” is also on heavy rotation on my iTunes recently. We Are Scientists with the big hit: “After Hours”:

Apparently they were just here in Los Angeles at the Nokia on October 15th. What is wrong with me? That’s the second new band that I’ve recently become obsessed with whose tour dates I am not synced up with.

A funny little bonus in regards to We Are Scientists (“WAS” for short), is that they have a hilarious website! They do reviews of movies and other random stuff, as well as run an advice column. Too cute.