The Whitest Asian Girl You Know.

18 Mar

[Note: Elliott is “white”, whatever that means in today’s context. :-D]

LoveMeDeux: YES! “Mad Men” has been announced as No.123 on! I am so white for an Asian girl! W00t!
Elliott: i’m confused
LoveMeDeux: what? why?
Elliott: u really love this site dont you? and you’re not even white.
LoveMeDeux: yeah. i’m white in spirit.
LoveMeDeux: it’s so funny, it’s like a confirmation
Elliott: lol. i like the approach of asian girls
Elliott: “i get to capture the exotic image of being asian, but then act like the white girl men know and love”
LoveMeDeux: YES, that’s us, baby.
Elliott: lol
LoveMeDeux: and now, i’m letting you know, this exchange is going on my blog because it’s too funny!
Elliott: from where to where?
LoveMeDeux: oh just the part about the website.
Elliott: lol
LoveMeDeux: and you know i disguise you as Elliott.
Elliott: link me when its up 🙂
LoveMeDeux: will do.


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