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“TBHG!”: An Ode To My Favorite Gay Men

20 Sep

Tonight, Kai and I are spending some time sighing about why the hottest men out there, with the most humorous, most entertaining personalities all seem to be gay. So here we are, an ode to some of my favorite gay men, ever in a new segment we’ll call, “Too Bad He’s Gay!”

1. Anderson Cooper. Yes, with a capital Y, he is hot. It’s been purported that he’s gay. Whatever. No warm-blooded American woman cares. We all just want to be near him. Maybe run our fingers through his silvery hair.

A Yale graduate, this Mr. Cooper is one smart cookie, professing that, despite the lack of a formal journalistic education, he was a news junkie since he was “in utero.” Over the years, he’s built strong reputation for himself as a hard-hitting, passionate journalist who is often first on scene at the site of a disaster, as he was with Hurricane Katrina. Okay. That being said, no, we haven’t missed his silver hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Neither did SNL, producing this hilarious skit with Seth Myers at the helm, declaring that one can “see the news reflected in the shimmering blue pools that are [Anderson’s] eyes.” Kathy Griffin is the self-professed patronness saint of Anderson Cooper lovers, making him squirm uncomfortably with this very straightforward “I’m in love with you,” declaration, which makes me love her more. Also, watch this clip to see my favorite fake pundit, Stephen Colbert hamming it up with Anderson, and this one that proves that yes, Anderson Cooper is just like the rest of us, taking mass transit.

•  •  •

2. Graham Norton. This man, I swear to you, is the one and only reason why you should purchase the very costly BBC America package from your local cable provider. The following clip, taken from his show The Graham Norton Show says it all.

Yes, that’s right, you just saw Elijah Wood rolling around with laughter. Graham Norton is not only the most dapper British TV presenter, he has the incredible quality to enlist his celebrity guests on the randiest of pranks, have them uncontrollably laughing, and yet, simultaneously maintain control and seem to be down to earth and relateable enough. Watch this clip for a hilarious prank where he enlisted Dustin Hoffman‘s help, or this clip where he has Elton John sing “Rocketman” for a particularly strange caller.

•  •  •

3. Neil Patrick Harris (a.k.a. NPH)

My friends, let’s face it. Skinny little Doogie Howser–He grew up. He filled out.

A former child actor who starred as the principal character on Doogie Howser, M.D., NPH seems to have escaped unscathed the viciousness of the Hollywood system, remaining scandal-free and normal into adulthood. NPH is not only beloved for his good looks–he has proven to be a versatile actor, on Broadway as the title character in Rent, Mark Cohen, and on How I Met Your Mother as womanizing Barney Stinson.  And it’s not just that–hearing him speak in interviews and junkets, NPH just seems like a truly nice guy, who understands that the trick to surviving in Hollywood is to not take it too seriously–watch this clip for his mini-pastiche of a showboating magician. “Now, do the big pose!” Classic. G.O.B. Bluth would be proud. Or jealous. Probably jealous.

•  •  •

These are my top three! So guys–I need a gay husband! Call me!