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6 Nov


I know that we voted him in based on his policies and plans, but nonetheless, we are the first country in history to embrace a biracial person into office–in a landslide victory, with voter turnout that has never been this overwhelmingly large since 1908!

As a mother of a biracial child, I am seriously besides myself. Typing this in a Starbucks surrounded by fellow Americans, a few days removed from Election Day, I am still so emotional about this that I can’t help but tear up! It is silly, but I am still not used to the idea of it…It hasn’t sunk in yet.

Even Inauguration Day will not suffice.

I will get it when I see him jetting off to important world summits, shaking hands with UN officials and meeting with Gordon Brown for a serious strategy meeting on Iraq. I will get it when I see him getting off of Air Force One to duck into the White House. I will get it when I see our First Baby Girls running around on the lawn for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

I will get it, and thank God. Because it was high time this this country, this melting pot, got there.


Me On The Beeb! (As In, The BBC!)

5 Nov

Yes the BBC, the bastion of fair and balanced news that most “with-it” Americans have abandoned crazy, sensationalistic American news outlets–*ahem*Fox News*ahem*–for.

So my friend Clark is a writer at the BBC. Clark and I have always chatted back and forth about news events the world over, and has served as an outlet for letting my innate journalism major geek out to him. But recently, especially in these past few weeks as we got closer and closer to 04 November, I have been seriously opinionated and outspoken in all my RabidPoliticoSpeak to Clark, and found it rather refreshing to get a non-US perspective on the matters at hand.

Last night, as I was debating whether or not to get some sleep, as the final Prop 8 results hadn’t come back yet, Clark messaged me and asked me if I was willing to do a quick interview for BBC Radio. 

The first thing out of my mouth was,

“Oh sh!t, do I need to be read up on the issues? I just don’t…know if I am 100% read up!”

I felt nervous all of a sudden–should I have spent less time Palin bashing and more time cruising CNN and BBC? Ack! I was assured by Clark that I need not be a “Ms. CNN” as Kai says. Here’s the interview, courtesy of Clark and my IT Support.

BBC Radio Kent – “Breakfast”


I know that I said “um” too many times. I think I even threw in a “like” there. So much for wanting desperately to be the pride of my j-school alma mater. I swear, it was midnight, and I’d gotten no sleep the night before, due to pre-election day excitement.

It was a total surprise that they already knew about the story about Mads’ dissapointment at Barack not being at our polling station. Nice to know that my 3-year-old is famous in the UK now, too! I told Clark that I am so grateful that he clipped it up for me. Now I have the opportunity to play this at Mads’ wedding in 20 some odd years to embarrass her publicly! YES!

After the interview, I went to check on Mads, who was knocked out asleep. Poor child. She doesn’t know what’s coming to her!

Tantrums For Obama Biden 2008!

4 Nov

The family turned out to vote super early at 0630. But this apparently was not early enough, as there was already a long line preceding us at the polling place, a nearby elementary school. We waited about 20 minutes, and voted without issue.

On the way back to the car, however, my 3-year-old, who we’d woken up at the ungodly hour of 0600 to get going, asked,

“What about the Barack Obama?”
I said, “What about him?”
She said, “What about the Barack Obama? Where is he?”
I said, “No no, honey, we just vote for him today. He’s probably in Chicago.”
“NOOOO!” she yelled.

She then proceeded to throw a tantrum, and wouldn’t get in the car. She had thought for some reason, that Barack Obama was going to show up at our polling place. People all around us who were walking back to their cars couldn’t help but laugh at her frustration. One nice lady wearing a “Vote for Environment” shirt yelled over, “Too bad Barack didn’t show up!” Finally, Mads gets in the car, we drive to Starbucks for the free coffee that comes with voting, but she still cried most of the way home despite the fact that she got a chocolate milkbox.

So now, Kai has named Mads her “Person of the Year”! She is also going to start a petition to get Barack to shake Mads’ hand. I think she’s somewhat serious! Ha!

Eventually she calmed down, had some breakfast, and went to school. Good God!

So now that I’ve gotten my free Starbucks for voting, I have nothing to do but monitor obsessively for updates, and go get my free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream between 1700-2000

I am operating on four hours of sleep and am wide awake! I will crash after the returns are completely finalized. Until then, no rest for me, Tom, Stephen, Katie, Jon and the rest of America.

Let’s Make It Official: There Needs To Be A Large Plaque Stating It.

24 Oct

I knew it! This place is called “Cupcake Park”! Even if it is just by us weirdos eating cupcake and washing it down with ice cold milk at like 11pm on a Tuesday night!

As my friend Sam says, “Every weeknight, it’s always the yuppies, students and partygoers eating cupcakes—right alongside the bums.”


What I would do for round-trip tix to NYC right this second. Ahh.

You Missed That One Memo About Ukulele Ownage.

17 Oct

Did I miss something?

It seems like ukulele fever is dominating YouTube! I will be the first to say that there is something sublime about the nimbleness that resounds from a precisely played ukulele, but I started clicking on these videos and found just too many good ones to share! I edited this blog down and still I feel I must share these seven:

As a rabid Arrested Development fan, this one hits close to [model] home. (Sorry about the inside jokes, but I just can’t help myself!) I don’t think I blinked, the first time I watched this. My mouth fell open and I just sort of stared. It’s not just a ukulele–it’s a kazookulele?

I have never seen anything remotely like that in my entire life. 

And because I am on a serious The Beatles “Let’s Revisit Anthology I” kick recently, I have to share these next two clips.

First from New York State, Julia Nunes, with herself on harmony, covering “All My Loving“. I dare you to try and refrain from singing in harmony along with with her. I dare you, c’est impossible! If you love this, you must see Julia’s cover of “Falling Slowly”, the Academy Award-winning song from the motion picture Once.

And this flawless rendition from Germany of Paul‘s “Something“. The dog almost makes the other 50% of this clip.

Here’s a clip that isn’t really very ukulele-centric, but I just got such a kick out of watching Stefan Raab, a very famous and well-liked German comedian/entertainer, hamming it up with Will Smith whilst putting him on the spot with the song “Men In Black“! [Let’s say he’s the Deutsch version of Conan O’Brien. If you love it, watch Stefan serenading Britney Spears with the ukulele, with German commentators ripping into her in the meanwhile, or the hilarious “Space Taxi“, a song sung mainly in English, from Traumschiff Surprise, a German Star Trek parody film. It is hilarious, with the title literally translating into “DreamShip Surprise”. Incidentally, the Spock, Kirk and Scotty parody characters are all gay. But that’s a story for another day! God, I miss RTL–I would find the weirdest things on.]

And then this kid is amazing. And Super Mario Brothers rocks. For more Ryan Imamura, here’s another amazing clip, where he plays “Let’s Dance”.

And then there’s William H Macy taking cheap shots at Martin Lawrence, John Travolta and Tim Allen while on Oprah–all while strumming his ukulele and singing:

Now, let me preface this next selection by saying that I do not really like Nirvana, never have, never will. I did not jump on that whole 90’s flannel-wearing, grunge bandwagon. No offense to those who still fervently worship Kurt to this date, but I just didn’t.

However, I will say, this rocks!:

Thanks for taking this musical journey with me into ukuleleland! There is much, much more out there, but I stopped myself. 🙂

I Detest This Woman.

14 Oct

Thanks to my friend Elliot. This is brilliant.

The Palin Oval Office.

Whoever did her voice is spot on.

Reduce, Reuse, Re-Altoid.

13 Oct

This is the coolest little WikiHow I have seen in a long while!

How to Reuse An Empty Altoids Tin.