How I Will Cope With the Death Of Print Media.

8 Apr

It’s very simple.

Real News: NPR & Twitter.

Fake News: The Colbert Report & The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

As a print journalism major, it is sad to see so many newspapers fold. I look to my former professors at the LA Times, and wonder how many of them will go? We heard in March of this year that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has gone 100% online, and with it, many jobs.

But it’s no wonder–the journalism market is seriously saturated, and with the younger generation, myself included, turning to outlets like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show for the fake take on real news, it is highly likely that news stories will get shorter and shorter, and served up increasingly in byte-sized bits.

The commuter lifestyle that life in big cities forces one into has also contributed to getting much news on the go. In reality, NPR News is my No. 1 outlet for news gathering.

Another surprising news source for me has been following @NPRPolitics, @NPRNews, @DiggNews, @NYTimes and other such news organizations on Twitter. They give the snippet up front, then if necessary, I will click on it to get the expanded story. If print organizations do not get on the Social Media bandwagon like so, they will be extinct sooner rather than later.


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