Biting The Bullet of Academia.

30 Mar

I have decided that it’s high time for me to bite the bullet and do an MBA, and to go for it right now. Forget the higher than 10% unemployment rate–I need to ignore that ugly two digit number and make a break for higher education in hopes that it will a) help me make connections to become gainfully employed again, and b) this time in something that I want to do, in the meanwhile c) giving me an academic purpose in life.

And what’s the first step in doing an MBA? Forms. Forms and admissions and standardized tests that end up scoring you only 60% as smart as you really are. And it’s all proving to be irritating, yecch. But as my friend Elliot says,

“The toughest part of an MBA is getting in.”

God help me, Elliot. I hope so. But then again, I say it’s easy for Elliot to say–he’s an MBA candidate at a Top 20 school.

So. MBA Gripe No1: I am filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and I am haaating it! How did we do this when we were in undergrad, when we were even more prone to just tossing aside boring things like this in exchange for a beer?!

Do you have any felonies on your record?
What is your mom’s middle initial?
Do you own a farm?

Come onnnnis this completely necessary for you guys to give me teh monehs for school?

Ok, so maybe it is. And the answers are:

No, unless you count that one time I accidentally stole toothpaste from Target.
No, I wish. I would go horseback-riding all day and hope that a spider named Charlotte
decides to inhabit my barn.

Rivetting stuff, no? I hope that the Quantitative Analysis courseload is more thrilling than this, else I may be tempted to sleep through my entire MBA. Wake me when it’s time to collect my diploma.


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