Monday Nights Are Ideal For Face-Melting Fun.

25 Mar

Ah, I went to the best show ever at The Troubadour, again…!

I love these PoorPeople-friendly, $12 School Night shows at the Troubadour that start late as hell, 10pm+. They’re made for me, the unemployed, laid-off girl who, if she were employed, would absolutely never be able to make these shows, what with my morning commute starting at 4:45am.

Bishop Allen were amazing…they sounded ridiculously face-melting and I re-lost my voice (after just barely nursing it to health, quashing the DeathCough from Hell) for screaming and singing so loud that night. The crowd was wild, and we all had a great time lingering around having drinks with bandmates and meeting nice folks. @BoxSpring facilitated the whole event and @scbound and I had a great time catching up with him IRL, as well as his friend George. Hanging out in the front bar, we also happened to meet Phantom Planet guitarist, Darren Robinson, who is on tour with Miniature Tigers. I confess! I did not even know who he was. He was funny, he tried to steal a water I bought my brother, and so I randomly started chatting with him like he was any other interesting person in the bar. I can never turn down a convo with someone who catches my attention like that.

Oops. Anyway, he was too gracious–after playing a set and driving nonstop to get to Los Angeles, only to pack up to get to San Francisco that night, I would go insane, not chat nicely with people in the bar. He gave me a Phantom Planet guitar pick he had on him. Sweet. When we all left the bar, the artists all went outside, piled their instruments and all their et cetera in huge vans with U-Hauls attached to them, and went off into the night to play a gig in San Francisco. Somehow, that realism is still not enough to wash away the giddiness that comes with a great night of music.

I still can’t believe it was on a Monday night. Sometimes, very rarely, it is a good thing, being unemployed.

More photos of our night here, including pictures taken with Bishop Allen themselves.: Bishop Allen at the Troubadour – 23 Mar 2009


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