Seat Me Next To The Quiet Starer, Please. I Can’t Handle Incessant & Irrelevant Chatter

16 Mar

Oftentimes when we travel, we are faced with the prospect of impolite fellow travelers. In this case, which would you rather have: a talkative person with a really irritating voice, or a quiet person who keeps staring at you?

For myself, a quiet starer is much easier to ignore. With iPod pumping ambient sound-blocking music to my ears, a good book in my lap and my Blackberry in hand, I can be in my own little world of blissful solitude within seconds, quite like The Little Prince.

As for the chatters, I am all for making small talk when meals arrive or when you have to ask to be let out to use the restroom on the airplane. But sometimes people think you have a genuine interest in why they’re travelling to where they are, whose 70th birthday party it was, and of course you want to see all 50 photos of their grandkids they have in their wallet. I have a message for all these people: As my friend engnr_chik, who deals with chatters all the time on her commute to and from school in the Bay Are, says, “If I’m not responding back to you, I’m letting you know I don’t want to talk to you, no offense.”

The last few times I travelled by air, I have either been sat next to families with young children, or to an incessant chatter. And somehow, believe you me, the young children were easier to deal with and were more courteous and less fussy travelers than the adult chatters.


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