Live A Day Without My Blackberry?! How About An Hour?!

20 Feb

Are you serious?! No way, never, no how.Curve

I can’t function without it. It tells me where I need to be, and when, what I need to wear, don’t forget a change of shoes. And don’t forget the dry cleaning. Remember, it’s so-and-so’s birthday in a week. Buh-doop. Oh, It’s GoogleTalk client..someone’s talking to me. You have a notification through Facebook Blackberry Client. GoogleMaps is calculating your currently location through GPS.Your video has been successfully uploaded to

Even sometimes, when the phone rings, it says “DO NOT ANSWER”, because inevitably it’s someone that I should *not* be talking to, for one reason or another. It’s amazing! You can prevent embarrassing drnkdials with a simple push of the red button–“Ignore”.

I have had an ongoing love affair with Research in Motion since 2005…why would I stop now? RIM has been a very good to me, keeping me well organized, as well has helping me weather many a storm. I think the data in the Curve I own now has been loaded in each and every one of my Blackberries through device manager going on 4 years now, spanning 3 generations of Blackberry!

Occasionally we’ll have a breakdown, and in that case, I go full steam ahead, in serious meltdown mode to get it replaced. I’m calling customer service, I’m online, I’m all over the place.


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