I Am A Real-Life April Wheeler

7 Feb

Ah well. Anyone who belongs to the downtrodden, huddled masses who always tried their damnedest to make sense of the world and always do the right things, and yet gets shafted in the end–can relate to April Wheeler of Revolutionary Road.

Aric and I have decided we are definitely parallel to April Wheeler (Kate Winslet), the woman who tries like hell to fight the marginalising society pressures and dreams of a bigger life for herself and her family. Many times in the past I feel as if I have always done the right thing, the adult thing to do…and I get shifted aside anyhow. Watching her trying to deal with it all, and eventually succumb in a self-inflicted moment of insanity, it made sense. The film is sprinkled with very sparsely with dialogue, which lets our laconic heroine emote a million moments with one flash or her eyes, or one shake of her fragile wrist. Tragic, yes. But also inspiring, in the same way that Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) was inspiring in American Beauty. I go into this more here.


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