A Film That I Haven’t Seen, Confession No.1

25 Jan

I have never seen Leaving Las Vegas.

Should I?

For some reason I can’t get past Nicholas Cage” exhibiting a certain degree of “bleahness” in all the trailers to want to see this film. I know Elisabeth Shue is supposed to be fantastic in this, but even she is not enough for me to want to see this, for some reason.

Oddly enough, I loved Nicholas Cage to the point of worship in the film Adaptation., and his performance in The Family Man was fun and heartwarming, but seriously, there’s something about Leaving Las Vegas that makes me just go “bleah”. Perhaps it’s the depressing subject matter? Due to the fact that it won some prominent Oscar’s during its year, I feel obligated to see it, but I still don’t know if that’s enough to keep me interested. 

Ok, so someone give me a really compelling reason as to why I should move this to the top of my Netflix Queue, or else I’ll be mentally deleting it forever.


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