I Love Me Some Pie (Charts)!

24 Jan

I have been going to the gym rather regularly, as in more than just 3 times a week, but there’s still something lacking. I still feel somewhat helpless, like I do not have a solid grasp on what’s going on with my body.

So when a fellow Plurker, Vinita, suggested that we get on Traineo.com, a free online fitness and weight tracker that also allows you to add friends and motivate each other, I was all about it. Another Plurker, Calendula, mentioned FitDay.com, and I discovered that though this lacks the ability to participate in a community, it has a lot of fancy graphs and tracking mechanisms like the example below.

Pretty cool, eh? How did we all manage before the internet? I hope that this helps me feel like I have a tangible grasp on what’s going on with my weight/fitness regimen.

At the risk of feeling very nekked in public, if you want to follow my daily progress, you can click here to see LoveMeDeux’s FitDay Profile. I’ll also create a link on the bar to your right, under “Plus de Moi”. 


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