While We Are On The Subject Of Frenchmen…

14 Jan

While we are already on the subject of Frenchmen, let me further divulge–there was another.

He was a record exec with Universal. I fell in love with him (for a few weeks), almost entirely because during one of our earlier meetings, someone at a party we were at set their iPod to play “They Say It’s Wonderful” by Johnny Hartman with accompaniment by John Coltrane, for us from a boomingly loud but absolutely fantastic sound system–hanging out with record execs, go figure–while everyone else at this party discreetly and conveniently evacuated the premises to “go outside to have some cigarettes”.

When I was afforded a chance, I snuck over to the iPod to get a peek at the artist and album. I’m very glad I did so. It was worth the throwaway whirlwind romance. 😀 

As it was fairly obvious to us both soon thereafter that it was not “meant to be”, the Frenchman and I evacuated each others’ lives. But Johnny Hartman most certainly did not, and neither did this album. It’s timeless.

Have a listen.

Alhough to this day, there is one teensy part of me that remembers Matthieu & the heart palpitations felt on that old, beat-up leather couch in Hollywood when I hear this song. And it will always….at least until I fall in love with another to this song. 😉


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