Tantrums For Obama Biden 2008!

4 Nov

The family turned out to vote super early at 0630. But this apparently was not early enough, as there was already a long line preceding us at the polling place, a nearby elementary school. We waited about 20 minutes, and voted without issue.

On the way back to the car, however, my 3-year-old, who we’d woken up at the ungodly hour of 0600 to get going, asked,

“What about the Barack Obama?”
I said, “What about him?”
She said, “What about the Barack Obama? Where is he?”
I said, “No no, honey, we just vote for him today. He’s probably in Chicago.”
“NOOOO!” she yelled.

She then proceeded to throw a tantrum, and wouldn’t get in the car. She had thought for some reason, that Barack Obama was going to show up at our polling place. People all around us who were walking back to their cars couldn’t help but laugh at her frustration. One nice lady wearing a “Vote for Environment” shirt yelled over, “Too bad Barack didn’t show up!” Finally, Mads gets in the car, we drive to Starbucks for the free coffee that comes with voting, but she still cried most of the way home despite the fact that she got a chocolate milkbox.

So now, Kai has named Mads her “Person of the Year”! She is also going to start a petition to get Barack to shake Mads’ hand. I think she’s somewhat serious! Ha!

Eventually she calmed down, had some breakfast, and went to school. Good God!

So now that I’ve gotten my free Starbucks for voting, I have nothing to do but monitor FiveThirtyEight.com obsessively for updates, and go get my free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream between 1700-2000

I am operating on four hours of sleep and am wide awake! I will crash after the returns are completely finalized. Until then, no rest for me, Tom, Stephen, Katie, Jon and the rest of America.


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