Good Guy, Bad Guy.

1 Nov

I don’t have the time for a whole lot of bullshit in my life. 

Recently, there was a man in my life that I dated very briefly. Unfortunately, I had met 3 weeks before he was to move up to San Francisco. As much as I liked him, I had to bid him goodbye. I just couldn’t see a way that a real relationship would work with only 2 weeks left to get to know him. He accepted this decision, noting that long distance relationships were notoriously difficult, and understood that it was not going to be fair on the both of us. And though he was not generally happy with the decision, he handled it like an adult, understanding that relationships, and especially budding relationships, were things that were complicated, and adding long distance too it was too much.

We promised to stay in touch and be friends, at the very least.

Other men, however are not as grown up as Mr. San Francisco was. Why, just this weekend, while at a Halloween party, I had to deal with someone who decided “not be friends with me” despite the fact that he admitted that “you were definitely nice, and making an effort to be my friend.”

When asked if I had done something to offend him, he said, “No, but…” and I said, “But what?” and he said, “Um…”

Yeah. Nothing to say, apparently. Unfortunately for him, his ex-girlfriend messaged me previously and warned me about getting further involved with this guy, even when we had not met! How bad could he have been for her to message me to warn me? 

Well, I guess I just found out?!

Why can’t men just be grown ups all the time? This man is not young! He is old enough to know better. How embarrassing for him.

I just sent him a private message telling him that in reality, I knew that he was upset at me because I refused to dote on him and hang next to him 100% of the time at the Halloween party, and, ultimately, fcuk him.

Too bad for him, my vag is not just up for grabs.


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