Hotter Than A Pepper Sprout

29 Oct

I sort of hate it, as others do, when music “falls off” of my iTunes playlist. This inevitably occurs on my iTunes when Apple sends out a new update that I load.

But then, when one spends the time to reload their music back onto their iTunes, you begin to discover that there was music you were skipping through because you were sick of, or “lost” music that hadn’t been loaded onto your iPod in a long time.

I was reloading music onto my iTunes this afternoon and discovered, much to my horror, that Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash had fallen off my playlist somehow. Ooh. Oops.

Then it occured to me that I hadn’t ever seen the two of them perform that song. You know, that song. As you watch, please observe at 1min 47, the look on his face. 

I think that everyone, men and women alike, searches for that look in others’ faces, meant specially for them.


One Response to “Hotter Than A Pepper Sprout”

  1. kaiskeebeat 29 October 2008 at 7:18 pm #

    theonly thing that June had in common with Reese Witherspoon, aside from the pekpek, is the height.

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