I Am Apparently Not In Sync.

28 Oct

I cannot seem to stop listening to “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend! That song, and the rest of the album is on heavy rotation on my iTunes. I am trying to branch out, but it’s just so danged catchy! Help! Eileen is also a Vampire Weekend fan and she agrees that they are seriously catchy.

Here is another great band whose second album “Brain Thrust Mastery” is also on heavy rotation on my iTunes recently. We Are Scientists with the big hit: “After Hours”:

Apparently they were just here in Los Angeles at the Nokia on October 15th. What is wrong with me? That’s the second new band that I’ve recently become obsessed with whose tour dates I am not synced up with.

A funny little bonus in regards to We Are Scientists (“WAS” for short), is that they have a hilarious website! They do reviews of movies and other random stuff, as well as run an advice column. Too cute.


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    […] York’s Vampire Weekend. Their self-titled album exploded at the beginning of 2008. Check out LoveMeDeux’s blog as she declares her love for them too “The Kids Don’t Stand a […]

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