I Hate Trust Fund Assholes In Frats–But I Love Trust Fund Frat Rock.

24 Oct

Go figure.

I am loving on Vampire Weekend.

After discovering them through their iTunes early preview in January, I always have liked them, but after watching Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and hearing their “Ottoman” within the film, I’ve rekindled the romance.

I know that they’ve been dubbed “trust fund frat rock” by fellow musicians, and that Christian Lander of “Stuff White People Like” make fun, tongue-in-cheek, saying that Vampire Weekend was “the whitest band”, but I care not. (Well, as an Asian girl, I’m apparently #11 on the Stuff White People Like list, myself! But it’s true. I don’t date Asian, and I totally date white guys.)

They’re playing in NYC at Terminal 5 on 06 December, and it’s the only show that’s not sold out! So FYI to my future boyfriend out there who are wealthy enough to fly us out for a weekend:

I can be packed and ready to go in less than one hour–slinky black fringed flapper dress, extra underwear and a toothbrush. Let’s go.

Mansard Roof” is fun:

And “Oxford Comma” is more pissed off and catchy.

See what I mean? It’s like cocky “turn up the collar of your Lacoste shirt” rock, but at the same time, it’s strangely irresistible.

I’m serious about New York City, FutureBoyfriend. We can stay at The Pod.

Call me!


One Response to “I Hate Trust Fund Assholes In Frats–But I Love Trust Fund Frat Rock.”

  1. bigepaz 26 October 2008 at 11:43 pm #

    Oh yes! I love this band too.

    As a self-proclaimed pop music junkie, I could care less about labels and reps. If I like the song and it moves me, I don’t care if no one else feels the same.

    Oxford Comma is probably my favorite track and A-punk pretty much starts my commute to work every morning. And kudos to the band for using strings on M79.

    I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. Go to the concert and have a great time. I’m sure it will be worth it!

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