Random Starbucks Musings

22 Oct

I am sitting in Starbucks sort of lost at the moment.

  • Some guy just walked by wearing the same cologne my first high school boyfriend ever wore. It’s a label, but then again, it’s such a cheesy smelling cologne. Why did I ever fall for it? Ah, right. because I was 17.
  • These girls sitting next to me have said “I mean?!” and “like” and “for reals!” and “Oh my God,” more times than I care to count. How can you study for your final when you’ve that many useless words interspersed into dialogue? Okay, I’m sure you’re going to cure cancer someday, but wow. Really? Of course, Brooklyn, via chat from NYC, reminds me that I also say “like” a few too many times. But I told him it’s not the same because it fades as one grows older.
  • The next chat window over, Elliot is helping me commiserate about the fact that I’ve been unemployed for almost three months now

Elliot: Find a job. People are still hiring, but it gets harder.
Me: I haven’t cried yet. But I might just break down and do it.
Elliot: No, no. No crying allowed.
Me: There’s no crying in baseball?
Elliot: Or life.

Okay, so Elliot made me laugh. At least there’s that.



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