A White, Christian Nation?

21 Oct

Now this really, really hurts my feelings.

I want to know what Mike Lunsford would say if Barack Obama came up directly to him and tried to engage him in some casual conversation, whether it is about Lunsford’s financial status, or how he feels about global warming encroaching upon all of our lives and ruining the future for our children.

Would he have anything intelligible to say?

What is going on with the hatefulness in our country?

Why are we dealing with this, most specialized brand of nonsense on the campaign trail while we have a lame duck president who doesn’t know what’s going on in his white house, a credit crunch that is breaking our collective backs, a severely damaged ecological system that may not sustain a future for our children and most certainly not our children’s children, and a war that is bleeding us dry while simultaneously killing off our friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters?

Why? What’s the point? Does that fix any of the huge problems we have? Or does this guy just want to bitch someone, anyone out, based on color of skin?

Don’t answer that.

I think I already know the answer and it hurts my feelings more.


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