Please, Shut Your Face. America Will Thank You For It.

3 Oct

All that I will say about last night’s debate are these two things:

1. Joe Biden did a bigger and tougher job of being a single dad than Palin ever did of being a part of a two-parent household.

Period. No, there’s just no debate about this.

I am completely, utterly annoyed that she is trying to coast through this election season on the “I am just a simple hockey mom from a small town trying to change the world for the better,” ticket. She needs to shut her face.

2. I do not appreciate vagueness. I never, ever did. Not when I’m dealing with work, family, friends or boyfriends.

Someone asks her a pointed question, and all the ammunition that she has back is some sweet little anecdote about sitting at a soccer game and asking fellow parents how they felt about the economy. She didn’t even say what she learned from the parents, her so-called working class barometer of accuracy. (You cannot make it to The White House on anecdotes. If you can, and she and he get elected, I’m going to leave the country. I cannot stand another four to eight years of lame duckiness.) All that she demonstrated last night was that when her mouth opens, vagueness comes out. Again, she needs to shut her face.

NBC chose not to air the second episode of The Office Season 5 in order not to compete with the debate. I am appreciative of this, as I was pretty much fuming after that debate and wouldn’t be able to focus on the Jim/Pam, Dwight/Angela/Andy dynamic. I can’t wait to see what my fake news husband Stephen Colberrrr has to say about it on today’s show.

I’m going to leave the entry at this, because I am at Starbucks fuming again at the thought of it all. I’m pretty sure the other patrons will be rather annoyed with me.


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