Scan It, Lose It. C’est Bon!

23 Sep

I am one of the most disorganized folks you’ll ever know. I lose things all the time, left and right.

Of course, being disorganized just won’t do in this insane world where being in possession of one scrap of paper is the difference between being slapped with a $1400 fine–or not.

So to combat this, I scan everything in as soon as I get it, only long term things like traffic tickets and court paperwork and medical billing that I thing is wrong, or erroneous bills that I need to contest.

It can be tedious with the old-fashioned flatbed that I have…anyone want to buy me one of these doo-hickeys? They’re only $3000…

But seriously, the scanning thing just saved my butt while I was on a complicated conversation with the DMV. I pulled up all the stuff I needed on electrons! Who needs paper? It’s the thing of the past.

Hmm…I may need to invest in that $3000 scanner… I’m going to start a “Buy LoveMeDeux a DigiScanner!” Fund.


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