A Pocketful of Posies

1 Sep

There are some unique articles of clothing that I, upon encountering them, cannot bear to leave on the rack.

I have a weak spot for lady-like things–with pockets cleverly hidden in them. It’s almost like their unique construction provides a classic, traditional façade that is actually working behind the scenes to keep the real-life necessities together. This latest find of mine was fashioned from a blue-brown floral print reminiscent of something from Hairspray, in a modest cap-sleeved 50’s silhouette from Banana Republic. (BR has been unenthralling as of late, demonstrating rather lackluster designs, but this one dress from their Spring ’08 collection may have single-handedly won me back over. I will be interested to see how their Fall line will look.)

In my pockets you will inevitably find at a minimum: my favorite lip balm, Burt’s BeesPomegranate Lip Balm, my Blackberry Curve, and a FranceLuxe hair barrette.

I recently wore this dress to a morning meeting with a new tutoring student of mine and his mother, and intended on changing into a French-cuffed shirt and conservative suit for an afternoon job interview. But the warm weather and bad traffic that usurped all of my prep time led me to walk straight into the interview wearing this dress. However, I didn’t feel underdressed.

Perhaps “lady-like” can mean business as much as a three-piece suit can? Let’s hope so. I will keep you posted regarding the results of the interview.


One Response to “A Pocketful of Posies”

  1. Mel 2 September 2008 at 6:45 am #

    I love dress pockets. I have a darling dress by Eucalyptus that has hidden pockets which makes it so much easier for checking your bag in.

    I definately believe ladylike can mean business. A lot of the women at my work (myself included) wear shift dresses with cardigans and heels or pencil or A-line skirts with a sweater. It’s perfect for people like myself who aren’t comfortable in a straight cut to the knee skirt, blouse and blazer.

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